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In today’s world of modern technology, there are actually more easy ways than ever to learn the English language. There are many different ways you can improve your English, so don’t limit yourself to only one or two. Some people think that learning English in class is better than outside class. For my own views, the both approach above is the good way to study English language.

Firstly, learning in class, students are guided by teacher who has good pedagogy to teach. Teacher explain us how to speak, read, listen and write correctly. Moreover, he/she create good learning environment which make students able to concentrate on lesson. On the other way, we can ask them suddenly when we don’t understand or have any question. When we learn in class we are motivated by good score to challenge each other. Besides learning from teacher, we can learn from class mate who have good ideas.

Secondly, learning English through online is another good way for learner. There are a variety of great websites online that will allow you to learn and practice English, something as simple as getting involved in English forums or writing to email pals that speak the language is good practice as well. You can find great videos online for free that will help you learn more of the language, and they are usually entertaining too. A variety of radio programs exist on the web in the English language as well and listening to the language is an excellent way to learn it yourself. We feel free to learn English online because we can learn at anytime and anywhere when we are available.

In summary, as I mentioned above, learning English in class and online is the good way for English language learner because there are many different sources, methods and tools as possible, will allow us to learn faster.

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