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1) What motivation theories may be found in each case study? There are so many motivation theories it can be hard to distinguish which one is being used in certain cases. For the Two Men in a Truck case I thought that Mary Ellen Sheets was using the Alderfers ERG motivation theory. This theory has strong points on growth needs (realization of potential), relatedness needs (satisfactory relations with others), and existence needs (physical well-being).

2) Describe the theories found in each case study and cite specific examples. I found the goal-setting theory to be one of the top theories found in the Two Men in a Truck case study. Sheets sets goals and has business plans so she knows how the company (including her many franchises) are doing. For the Kleinfeld case study I found that the job enrichment theory was present. Kleinfeld negotiated with representatives to get work done more time efficient by working flexible shifts. This, in turn, put out more profit as well as security.

3) What was each business owner’s approach to creating high-performing teams within their company? Sheets really took matters into her own hands by creating a special university for her employees. This has created consistency with-in the company as well as standards and proper moving (lifting, customer service, etc…) training. Most importantly, the franchise owners and the men doing the moving are being taught that you treat everyone and their things with respect. Kleinfeld really encouraged his employees to work as a team. This allows for Kleinfeld to keep a lot of his jobs from being outsourced. He has learned everything about Siemens which has helped him teach his employees the company and allows him to play a vital role.

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