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During the colonial times in America, fight against the British, many people in the society played an important role in ensuring that their quest for freedom is achieved. The men were at the fore-front fighting against the colonialists. Some women to were part of the army that fought against the British. The women not only participated in the war, but also ensured that the men are very equipped for war through the various services that they provided. Everyone had a role to play, even the children.

1. What was the role of all colonial women (American, African American[slave and free black women], Native American), and how did their lives and activities transform during the Revolutionary period? Cite examples from the book. In the Revolutionary era, women were responsible for managing the household and the surrounding environment around them and their society’s as a whole. The patriot women continued with their culture of weaving and spinning their own cloth, using the available raw materials, into clothing for their families and the society. They acted as resistance towards the British by refusing to buy their goods which had been imported into the country such as silks, satins, and many more. This resistance sent a very strong message to the British – That the people in that society are united and not even their gifts or goods would break them apart. The women further showed their togetherness during the Edenton Tea Party, which was one of the first political actions by women in the colonies to resist the British.

Boycotts were held all over the America to sensitize the people to support the American local goods and do away with the British products. Women are the ones who played a major role in sensitizing the public. This was evident when an agreement was signed that they should influence the society to buy the local goods and resist the foreign goods by the British. Women also played a huge role when they produced goods for soldiers. This enabled the soldiers even while serving the society, to feel very appreciated and this further motivated them to continue with their work. The soldiers became very equipped and did not depend on external forces to carry out their work. The women also played the most important role, when they cooked and washed for the soldiers. In some cases, the women who did not have families, or needed to stay close to their husbands during the war, followed the soldiers and even at times participated in the war disguising themselves as men. Most of the women who went with the soldiers also provided sexual satisfaction to the soldiers.

2. How did all women participate with the “war effort?” In other words what actions did each group take to fulfill the “ideas of life, liberty and property?” Cite examples from the book When the men had gone to war, the women would take care of businesses that their husbands, fathers, and brothers had left behind. They took care of the society that had been left behind by this people and further provided a friendly environment to the ones that were left behind when the men went out to war. Some women served in the armed forces as nurses, radio controllers and secretaries. This further aided the men during war as the women offered a helping hand in the time of war. At sometimes, the women were expected to fight alongside the men and this ensured the victory of the men in the war.

The women provided the soldiers and the members of society in general, with clothing they had sewed from the available raw materials. They further went ahead in discouraging the members of that society not to buy the British products. This ensured that the community remained resistance to the colonialists. The women participated in agriculture that ensured that the soldiers remained healthy and that the society itself ate very healthily. The women during the time of war were also sent to spy on the enemies and most of them disguised themselves as prostitutes who had gone to satisfy the mens’ sexual cravings. As time continued, the women were given other roles in the army, that included: pilots and very handsome jobs at the army.

3: Which group sacrificed their values the most in order to change/assist colonial society? Cite examples from the book Both the women and men in the society played a huge role in ensuring that they attain their liberty and freedom. But there are those people in that same society who sacrificed their values in order assist the colonial society. Most of the people sacrificed their well being to see that the freedom of the society is got. Many Native peoples, saw little to gain from aid to either side in the conflict. Some of the people were persuaded to join the British front by Sir William Johnson and they forewent their ethical stand and joined the army in colonizing the people. As a result of the alliance with the British, the American soldiers burnt and completely destroyed the Native society towns, living many inhabitants displaced.

4. Which group of women sacrificed the least and clearly explain why. Cite examples from the book The Cherokee women are the ones who had sacrificed most during this colonial times in order to attain their liberty and freedom. They had been fighting the British even before the American Revolution began in order to continue with their works of agriculture that they had been carrying out even before the coming of the British. The British disrupted their way of life and due to this they saw the need to fight back the colonialists to redeem themselves. After their success, most of the Cherokee women were relocated to the present Oklahoma. Some resisted the relocation by the new government. Many of this women of this kind of society were left as widows after their husbands had been killed in the time of war.

In conclusion, although the men played a very important role in ensuring that they resist the colonialists during the war, the women also played an equal important role by providing the men with services as: 1. Cooking and washing for the men

2. Taking part in agricultural activities that ensured a healthy society 3. And to the shock of many, they at times participated in the war. This is just to name a few. Every member of the resistant society played a very important role ensuring that they achieve their freedom.

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