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It’s exhausting being a student, for it acquire great responsibility —- obligations that sharpens ones skills and mind, enhance ones personality and create a strong and wise men —- a normal student like me may find it hard to do some extra-curricular tasks and be involved to other organizations actively participating in school-related activities and all; I do not consider joining and participating to some ORG or clubs important. What I value the most is to complete all my enrolled units, attend all my subjects and be a normal student, I suppose, most of students here in Bicol University also thinks the same.

One rainy morning last December 2011, the news broke out about the Typhoon Sendong, hitting the Philippines which brought relentless rain, great flood, strong winds, and death of animals, herds, people etc., destroying large number of properties, leaving people with sorrow, grief, burden and repentance.

Some did the pointing fingers and some accepted the fact that they lack of doing something and need to face reality that Philippines, people do suffer the consequence. The news lasted for almost couple of weeks; all I’ve seen and heard from the news were all about the complaints by the thousands of Filipinos begging for help pleading to others to offer them some helping hands for they need support for everything. Gigantic logs hit the houses that caused for it to be destroyed, foul odor came from unfound bodies buried under the muds, lacking of food supplies, potable water, and not enough space suitable for people to stay, dress and many more —- common things that people from affected areas suffers.

Due to the existence of media their demand were heard all over the continent. Making many people empathized and sympathized to their agony, I wonder, why some people need to vulgarize and announce the things that they’ve done in order to ease the suffering of others, why don’t they help silently and purely and asking nothing in return.

Days turn to weeks, and weeks to months. People recover, and some do retrieved the lost spirit to fight for life acquiring nothing but lesson and letting everything go; as pain be gone as mud flushes by water, dust being blown away by wind and memories been buried together with the lesson, making people numb and unconscious about the fact that they are already committing the same mistakes again.

A months after the incident, I saw the changes not only to government officials but also to students and other members of the society making them, all of us rather, responsible enough, disciplined enough, active enough and concern enough to our community doing things leading to the betterment of our society, nation and nature. I thought it was the sign that people will soon transform not only to be GOOD but to be BETTER and so far and so forth.

But as time goes by, the “CHANGE FOR THE BETTER” movement was left abandoned and people went back to the normal “THEM” where no trace of concern and eagerness to the nature or society be found, and me as a student also do the same coz’ I prefer to spend my excess time watching movies and having fun than to join clubs or activities as regards the betterment or change to attain something, I prefer to sleep than to attend seminars teaching the “things-to-do” to cultivate nature or anything, I prefer not to be involved for many things, instead I waste many of my times counting all the things that makes my time wasted.

I don’t feel hesitant of doing such things over and over again, I don’t find it as a sin or fault for I know to myself that I am happy, I can smile and all. I don’t mind what tomorrow may bring all I want is for me to be happy today. I suppose, that many people not only teenagers also do, feel and thinks the same, all we want is a happiness that last as long as we want it to. At that point, I can see or we see our self as a matured one as a full grown individual, behind those desires of us we consider our self as a MAN and WOMAN not a childlike and selfish creature thinking only ourselves, —- conceited —- but which is which?

I can see the efforts by those school organizations, their hard works, their will but I prefer to stay and remain as me, spending my whole college life inside a parameter, not letting a piece of me cross the boundaries and try new things that requires my presence, my participation and concern, me myself and I.

Letting myself be blinded by my laziness and personal made excuses leads to my time be wasted and be spent to things which was not important maybe it gives me joy and happiness for a short period of time and sufferings to others that takes a life-long and let them suffer all over and over again that in every hour I spent on doing nothing many lives were at risk maybe I’m not a SUPERHERO to carry all the responsibilities but why not to give it a try. “Ding… ang bato!” “BATMAN!!!”

All the hints, clues and sign were shown to us, to me, but I took it for granted, I already have the capacity, the gifts but I took it for granted. I really don’t know the reasons behind my existence; the reasons why I live, I don’t know my purpose or it’s just me who can’t see the things that I need to see and deaf to the sounds that I need to hear, numb to those things that I need to feel.

You reader, state the better ending or decide what should come next for different people has different personality and different mind has different demands I’m not telling you what ending must arise, you decide for you will be the one who’ll experience the consequences behind all your acts.

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