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The topic in general from the America Now textbook is asking us what do we know about our names, what they mean. Our names can suggest family origins, religious, racial, an ethnic identity and social status. What’s in a Name? encompassed many things that many people didn’t actually know about their names and what they mean to have that name or nickname. Like giving a favorite object a name. Most times many people have trouble coming up with appropriate names for a certain object, events. There is lots of knowledge that is worth researching, this can influence friends and family what they know what’s in a name. In my opinion, this topic holds a huge value to my culture. This can give me more knowledge about my culture and my family, and have more sense of where I come from where we originated. Such as if your last name is gross that means big in German and was adopted from the English with the E on the as in the city Grosse Point, Michigan.

I rather know about things that not many folks know about such as our names. This topic makes very much sense to me, knowing about something that catches your attention is worth a research. If your last name is Smith that would mean you were a craftsman, also Johnson meant you were the sons of a man name John. In addition, this general topic has a sight of issues that are worthy of exploring more of a further research is that young and old don’t have knowledge about this topic. I believe we should have been taught about this in high school or college. Lack of knowledge is where we are heading, as many people should know this topic by now. It shouldn’t be a surprised look when you just figure out about our names. Reading this topic has giving me more notice about what we don’t know now. The issues with naming are where did my ancestors come from, what continent, state or island where they from.

Every single persons last name can also mean more such as, wealth, intelligence etc. There are other ways to find more information regarding some of these issues that may offer me more insights or views on these issues from the outside of this textbook such as; library books, newsletters, magazines, a particular website or even a teacher. Library books give you more prevalent of a research Rebecca Mead: What Do You Call It? ; Possibly over the knowledge of what you want to know or wiling you know. Possibly articles, blogs you can find information anywhere but it doesn’t mean just everything is true. That’s why it’s best just to find out us to find the truth. There is nothing that can hurt to know about something new. Rebecca Mead was referring that nobody is claiming to name the twenty-first century.

Could it be all of the catastrophic events like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami? In addition, we have Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook and all these other social networks, iPhones and apps on the phone or other portable devices. Rebecca claims that they call this decade the aughts, which occurs a linguistics error. Furthermore, the word aughts means “nothing” and “zero” and or “cipher” and those words are just a corruption of the nineteenth century word “naught”. They thought to call this decade double zeros or double-ohs as many names as they could. This could be the most difficult thing to come up with a nickname as long with a simple name. A substantial disastrous occurring’s these pasted twelve and thirteen years. Every decade besides the new century have a little nickname.

Nineteen seventies which was just called the disco decade, eighties was the r and b soul decade with the rebel clothing. The nineteen nineties was the boy wear for women and baggy clothes for the males also new dance moves and music. Designers came up with new types of clothing like jeggings which look like jeans but in the inside has a stretchy elastic material. Touch screen phones came out in the new century, new technology, new music, and all types of distinguishable devices to listen and play games and even to work on such as papers. Thought out the years something interesting or new catches a doctor, scientist, designer, musicians, actor attention and they come up with new cures and strategies and techniques to get better or get someone better in health. Two thousands has all these things to talk about but no names or nickname.

Nobody is willing to claim this new century or its decades. What did they call the twentieth century the double zeros too? Not most people worry about it because either they came up with a nickname/name of what they think should be right for the twenty-first century. In conclusion, after reading this summary of what’s in a name I would like to go in a further of a research. There very big amounts of news that is occurring that most and on discovery channel. Very particular topic catches my eye, knowing more about my ancestors, my culture, and originated. Who knew there was a topic that could take an interest from just reading the summary?

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