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I believe what’s wrong with the world is that, we as people don’t accept others for who they completely are. We are constantly in competition with the next person or belittling the other because they are not like use. We are not all made the same. Yes, all of our brains are constructed alike but we all think differently. As William James believed “All activities of the mind serve to help us survive.” This is true, but we must remember that we all think, feel, and learn differently. We are all here to survive in different ways. We were all put on earth for different reasons and we should accept that. The world would be such a better without the stereotypes or people having to feel they are pressured to be someone else and not fulfill their own goal. If we all worked together with our differences the world would connect so much better. What’s wrong with the world is that people are so judgmental, when our own God isn’t. We have to do better as the human race.

Embrace each other and our differences, is what we can do to make a change. I personally, think that this starts with me and it will make its way around. If can make an influence on one person then I have achieved the beginning of a new start. The goal is to embrace everyone no matter what shape, size, or form they are in. We are all human beings, regardless of what we look like. It is also important to make it a point that money is the root of all evil. There is a phrase that says “money makes the world go around”. I do believe that this is true, however, we are more than just money. At the end of the day, we must remember that material things will not matter much longer. It is the inside of a person that will get you far and in order to connect the world we must embrace that in each person. Just think how good a person can feel after knowing they are socially accepted no matter who they are.

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