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When I watched the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” I was reminded of the theory of survival of the fittest from my Anthropology class. Although Anthropology is a drastically different course than Entrepreneurial Foundations, this concept certainly applies to this movie. Survival of the fittest can be related to business competition as well in the sense that when two or more businesses compete for business, the better equipped business will outlast the other. This drives prices down and improves quality of many products or services in hopes of gaining more business than the next guy. The theory of survival of the fittest was demonstrated throughout the entire movie as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs struggle to make the personal computer practical to the general public. They are similar in that they both left a promising career path or future in order to reach their own goals. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both worked for HP and left the company while Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard.

Of course there are some ethical issues in the movie with the Steves taking ideas from Xerox and applying them and then again with Bill Gates taking ideas form Apple. This is all relevant to survival of the fittest since surviving does not always mean ethical. Sometimes in order to survive, whether an animal or an entrepreneur, you have to use any means necessary. Obviously this isn’t the right way to do things but it was clearly displayed in the movie. This was a good movie as it was entertaining and gave us a look at the story behind Apple and Microsoft, companies who make numerous products that we all use today. The entrepreneurial application was definitely there as Bill and Steve were both doing what many entrepreneurs do today; leave their jobs to fulfill their own dreams. I think it seems like there is more to the story than what the movie depicted however. For a learning tool it was alright though

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