When I Wear Lipstick vs. Lip-Gloss Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I fell in love with coloring my lips with make-up at the age of 5, the way my full lips pop with a pretty color made me wanted to kiss my own lips. I have tried all lip make-up, Chap Stick, lip balm, lip-gloss and lipstick; my favorite had to be lipstick and lip-gloss because of the color choices I can add to my lips. I can put my favorite color on my lips with lip-gloss and lipstick but their textures make a difference in the color. They can inappropriate to wear some places and can be appropriate to wear other places. If I had to pick a favorite, I just would not be able to do so because of the difference in them.

Lipstick as soon as applied it adds color to my lip, it’s deeply pigmented. It only takes one application and the color is added to my lip. When I’m going for a Marilyn Monroe look with the color red I turn to lipstick because the color red really shows with lipstick. Lip-gloss only takes one application for the color to add to the lip but there are times when a sheer gloss needs to be added for the color to pop. When I want a juicy Mea

gan Good look on the lip, I choose any color with lip-gloss and add a sheer on top which always does

the trick. So when I’m going for a certain look with my lips I make a chose between the two.

The texture with lipstick and lip-gloss have their pros and cons, I can’t focus on the pros without realizing the cons. Lipstick tend to have a matte feeling with little to no sheer, it can often leave my lips dry less than an hour having it on. It sometimes brings out the crackles and wrinkles in my lips but a lipstick with more sheer, I can avoid these flaws. Lip-gloss tends to have glitter in them or a sticky finish which leaves my lips feeling chapped. After rubbing my lips together a couple times, the chapped feeling makes me rub the gloss off my lips and apply lip balm. A natural lip-gloss helps me avoid that flaw.

I like to wear lipstick when going to work, on a fancy date with my husband, important meetings or interview and anytime I want to look neat and professional. Lipstick last on my lips a little over an hour and usually these events don’t last for hours where I will have to reapply just to keep up with my look. I like to wear lip-gloss whenever I’m being outgoing with my makeup, out to have fun or just free to wear whatever for the event or day. Lip-gloss last for a while and tends to really compliment any outgoing look I’m going for, it makes me pop.

After I apply lipstick or lip-gloss I tend to air kiss the mirror or really kiss it, just to try and kiss my lips. I love to be able to express myself through make-up and with the simple effects of lipstick and lip-gloss someone can tell how I feel, where I’m going and what’s my color for the day. With the differences in lipstick and lip-gloss no I can’t tell you which one is my favorite but I can say I rather wear lip-gloss more than lipstick, when wearing lip-gloss I feel more myself and I enjoy how I look more with lip-gloss on.

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