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Introduction of TOPIC

Pat Tillman left a multi-million dollar NFL contract with the Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the U.S. Army after 9/11. While serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment, he was killed and posthumously awarded the Silver Star. The Bush administration hoped it could use his death to anger the American people and win support for the unpopular war in Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld had his eye on Tillman since he entered Basic Training.

Jon Krakauer, besides being a veteran mountain climber, is known for his exciting writing style. This book is an incredible example of Krakauer’s ability to communicate passionately about a subject while providing stark support for his arguments. In keeping with this politically incorrect style, the author does not shy away from controversial subjects. He maintains a bold approach in attempting to understand the tragic circumstances behind Tillman’s death. More importantly, Krakauer investigates the deceitful cover-up attempted by the Department of Defense.

Tillman during his time with the Arizona Cardinals

Tillman during his time with the Arizona Cardinals

Whether or not you’re interested in Tillman’s inspiring life, this book offers much more material correlated to his life, death, and the War on Terror. Krakauer exposes how far our government will go in order to achieve its goals, even at the expense of morality. The book explores different stories relevant to Tillman like the Jessica Lynch hoax. To this day, I haven’t read a book that speaks as strongly about the power of humility, honesty, and hard work. These values become rarer everyday as agrarian society gives way to a consumer-oriented technopoly. It is the nature of government to oppress its people through social engineering and sometimes violence. It is the citizen’s responsibility not to allow it.

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