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I have been conducting some research regarding the topic of donation money and where it really goes with the Canadian Cancer Society, and I have found some information that is quite alarming. The Canadian Cancer Society is stuck in a brutal cycle, advertising to make money and spending that money to continue advertising; their purpose is forgotten, research money for cancer. You spend over half of the money on ads and programs, and this has to end. You spend about 60% of the donation money on programs or advertisements for their programs, and that miserable 30% goes to actual research. This is not enough money to give scientists who are in desperate need of expensive equipment and technology to cure cancer once and for all. The Canadian Cancer Society needs to start cutting back on the funds for advertisements and running events so you can actually put your money to a good cause instead of just saying they will. The Canadian Cancer Society Lottery has made a substantial amount of money but the prizes given out to people are not donated to them. Instead the Cancer Society pays for the prizes themselves using the money from ticket sales.

You show all the prizes and the prices on the lottery website but those prices have been proven to be untrue. As well, the amount of money the Canadian Cancer Society makes each year is substantial and, at first, you were doing very well with making sure that majority of donations actually went to research. Now that is not the case. You instead put it towards programs and advertisements that are unnecessary and almost heart breaking. In this letter, I will address the following; the amount of money that the Canadian Cancer Society lottery makes but where the money is actually going instead of where it should be going, and the financial statements of the Canadian Cancer Society and all their purchases. The Canadian Cancer Society makes plenty of money in donations each year for research to find a cure for cancer. One of their main fundraisers is the Canadian Cancer Society Annual Lottery, which makes around $30 million a year alone, and this is now becoming one of the most expensive events that you run.

The amount of money the lottery made, according to Janice Gray, Canadian Cancer Society Lottery Manager “Gross Revenue – $30M, Net Revenue – $10.2M“. This is the Canadian Cancer Society’s major fundraiser and it brings in plenty of the funds towards the research goal, about $10.2 million out of $30 million (about 34%). I received this information via email for this year’s lottery financial results courtesy of. Even though, the prices that are stated on your website, under Rules and Regulations, for the prize cost and the net revenue is “Prizes – $5 M, Net Revenue – $9.2M”. Although the amount for donations has increased since last year, I noticed that this is completely different from what I was told by Mrs. Gray in the email. I later learned that they are two separate lotteries on different fiscal years, even though they are both stated as “In the year 2012”. Spending that amount of money on prizes that could easily be donated is something that you need to change to avoid the high prices. This way, you can start putting the money to a better cause.

Furthermore, you need to tell people the actual prices of running the program, the prizes and costs and how much was actually raised, on your website instead of misleading anyone who looks into the prices and donation amount. The Canadian Cancer Society Lottery should seriously start to contemplate new ways of paying for their advertisements, as well as find ways to receive the prizes or find ones that are less costly. The Canadian Cancer Society has earned an immense amount of money, about $6.5 billion since 2000 according to CBC News, and although the amount of money they give to research has gone up since last year, so has the amount of running their programs, advertising those programs, paying the workers and any other side costs they encounter. “Donations have been growing, but the budget for research has been shrinking,” Brian Lichty, a researcher at McMaster University, told CBC News in 2011.

Scientists could potentially discover a cure for cancer, basing it off of their theories but; because the funds that they receive from the Canadian Cancer Society are so minimal, they cannot pursue their theories and potentially finding that cure for cancer. You have increased the amount you give to cancer research but only by 3% since last year, even though you have raised more money this year than last year. As well, according to the Canadian Cancer Society Financial Statements, Ontario division, for the fiscal year of 2012, “Programs = $31,396. Research = $23,565. Advocacy = $3,177. Fundraising = $11,169. Administration = $3,207. Net revenue = $70,356 (These are the numbers in thousands)”. The amount of money that goes to research is about 25% of the total and the other 75% goes to fundraisers, events, advertisements and advocacy. While the amount going to research has increased since last year, so has the amount of money going to fundraisers and advertisements.

The amount that you are spending on their programs has increased by $2,148 since last year alone. The cost to run and have all their programs is now $31, 396 just this year (These are the numbers in thousands). You have many more events and fundraisers coming so imagine how high it will be next year. Moreover, according to www.indeed.com/salary, the average salary of a Canadian Cancer Society employee earns about $82,000 each year. The CEO of the Ontario division makes more than double that. Just imagining all of that money going to your employees instead of going to research, is crushing to hear and makes donors question what you really want from us. The Canadian Cancer Society needs to begin cutting the costs of your programs so the money that is raised can go towards research instead of another program. The Canadian Cancer Society has completely gone against your own claim of giving money to research facilities, and is instead spending it on programs and advertisements to raise money for a goal that you may never reach.

The Canadian Cancer Society Lottery is a great way to raise money for research but; because half of the proceeds are spent on the prizes and advertisements, the amount of money that goes to research is a tiny portion. Although you have earned a lot of money this year thanks to all their programs, only 25% of all the money they raised went to actual research. That is higher than last year by a measly 3%. The cost of running their programs and all the events is becoming incredibly costly, leaving very little to go to research. This needs to be changed immediately.

The Canadian Cancer Society needs to start putting their money to a good cause like you claim you do on your website. Furthermore, you need to look into new ways to advertise yourselves and discover more cost effective ways to run your program. This way, you can save yourselves money and give more to research once again. With this being said, I strongly suggest that the Canadian Cancer Society should change the way that you advertise your charity, and hold more inexpensive events. This way, you can save more money that raise from your events and put it towards cancer research. I would appreciate a quick response to my suggestions, and I thank you for your time.

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