Which of the Following Is More Important: Inner Beauty or Physical Beauty? Essay Sample

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Beauty. What is the first impression of people when they hear the word ‘beauty’? There are a lot of answers but the most common imagination that the majority of people would think of is a sexy lady or a hot gentleman. Few, actually, would think of their behaviour and character. Those are the two common types of beauty. Inner beauty and physical beauty. Physical beauty could refer to someone’s outer

someone’s outer attributes such as elegance, complexion or figure while inner beauty is more concerned with someone’s traits such as a sense of humor, character or good general behavior, kind heart, empathy, always helping nature. This definition changes depending on how an individual perceives beauty. Hence, I believe that inner beauty is more important than physical beauty.

Science has concluded that one is beautiful if they possess facial features which are nearly symmetrical. This again, is a very subjective issue, and with the help of a plastic surgery which is very popular in some countries, we can achieve a perfect face or body in just a few hours! Inner beauty on the other hand is of the intellect and mostly refers to people with good intentions to pleasing others. It is therefore true to say that inner beauty is something that has to be psychologically or mentally perceived.

Inner beauty is more important than physical beauty because despite having a good look, bad behaviour is likely to tarnish our attractiveness to others to the extent that superficial attributes do not even matter anymore. One may be the personification of physical beauty but what matters at the end of the day is their inner beauty.

Another key difference which make inner beauty shone is that physical beauty is given naturally through birth however, we can however work toward attaining true inner beauty by simply changing their characters to match what is attractive to the people around us. Thus, inner beauty basically can be learned by ourselves, but physical beauty needs money if we want to change it.

The quest of inner beauty in every individual is unique. People that are thought to be physically attractive could later seem not so appealing to them if they start to behave in an unpleasant manner. However, if someone is always well mannered and has a love and kindness to people, they will forever be perceived to possess inner beauty that cannot be taken away from them.

Furthermore, inner beauty is the most fundamental aspect in a human life while physical beauty changes everyday according to what the society reflects on us through televion, movie, media, the role models around us, religion and many other social factores. This therefore means what looks beautiful today might not be regarded as beautiful in the future. Unlike inner beauty, whose principles will last forever. Attributes such as kindness, love, helping others and many more have been considered as an excellent inner beauty attributes for generations as well as accross different sections of the society such as race and religion.

In conclusion, I still think that inner beauty is more important than physical beauty. Thus, we should be more insterested in the inner beauty first before seeking what is on the outside. This is however yet to be realised as many individuals are blinded by what they see on the outisde only to later realize that the people they were attracted to are not beautiful on the inside. As long as this happens, many will not fully enjoy the gift of people that are beautiful inside but rather be driven by an obsession to like what looks beautiful on the outside. Remember: “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

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