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Yes, whites have had more privileges than people of color. People of color had to work 10 times harder to even get close to having what the whites already had. Whites called themselves hard workers, but they were not the ones forced to pick cotton and to build levies for free; or harder than the Latino immigrants who spend 10 hours a day in fields picking strawberries or tomatoes; or harder than the women of color who cleaned hotel rooms or changed bedpans in hospitals, or the men of color who collected their garbage. Privilege to the whites were like water to fish: it is invisible to them because they cannot imagine life without it. Where people of color never took anything for granted because they had to work so hard to even obtain what they did have.

Discovering the differences between the whites and the people of color was not surprising because some of the same issues still exist today. Even though people of color are citizens now they still face hardship in their daily lives at work in schools and in the community. The issues with racial profiling and prejudice will always exist because some people still have the mind set that they are better than others of a different race and they tend to let it be shown in the behavior and what they say and how they act to others of a different race. Now we are supposed to be equals, but people of color still struggle because we are seen as an inferior race and we continue to pick ourselves up and push forward in order to obtain our dreams and goals in life. In the article by Tim Wise it depicts African Americans as being lazy, he is stereotyping African Americans and not actually acknowledging how hard they really work.wise also points out that the majority of baby Boomer generation has inherited trillions of dollars in assets from their parents.

They have not had to work for their wealth and their luxury of free money and that was not something that the people of color were able to have those luxuries because they were oppressed for so long. African Americans in different parts of the United States had to suffer as a result of mistreatment of their ancestors. White people were given preferences in most social and economic aspects of life, hence given them the luxury of wealth, education and net worth. This article demonstrates a social control mechanism called censorship. What I mean by censorship is that authority figures control what citizens know by only bringing the minimum information to the light. African Americans, Latinos and American Indians are left in the dark. This is evident when President Bush disapproved of Michigan’s policy of awarding points to undergraduate applicants who are only members of underrepresented minorities, such as African Americans, Latinos and American Indians. President Bush failed to mention, that the greater numbers of points are awarded for other things that amount to preferences for whites to the exclusion of people of color (Wise, 2003).

The labeling theory is the concern with how self-identity and behavior of individuals may be influenced. It suggests that people mat obtain labels from how others view their behavior. To say people of color are not hard workers and they just want a hand out would be a stereotype. Whites and people of color are and can be hard workers. But just because some are lazy it does not necessarily mean that they are all lazy. Whites and people of color can be lazy. People of color tend to work harder to get ahead because they are at a disadvantage over the whites. In order to bridge the gap between the rest of the people of color and whites. This will require racial preference and purpose of affirmative action is to reveal racism by promoting programs that do away with discrimination practices (Wise, 2003). By the evidence of history, people who were discriminated due to color and racism had a very long history than the whites did.

The whites had a laid back lifestyle way back in history because the African Americans waited on them hand and foot and were worked down to the bone having hardly nothing to call their own. Whites have never thought of the position of people of color as far as racial preference is concerned. In a society, people believe that racism is a thing of the past, but in reality it is very much still going on. When one race is believed to be supreme and all others are inferior. So, when this happens in our society, prejudice and discrimination always arise. Through all the challenges people of color were faced with being forced to be inferior in order to succeed in life.

This article was made to educate the reader that we are equal and that affirmative action should be present in every aspect of life. With that being said, it is only right to let every person be free and equal with the dignity and rights with regard to their race and religion. A race is defined as a human population that is considered to be different in some way from others based on imagined or real physical differences. There has been historical racism in the United States as a result of inequalities caused by past racism that is affecting the present generation. As talked about in the article people of color will rarely attend the “best” schools, and on average, schools serving mostly black and Latino students offer only a third as many AP and honors courses as schools serving mostly whites. So, even truly talented students of color will be unable to access those extra points simply because of where they live, their economic status and ultimately their race, which is intertwined with both. (Wise, 2003).

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