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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been told to respect my elders. Growing up I lived by this rule always saying “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” whenever I was spoken to by an adult. As I began to get older I start to wonder why I had to say those words filled with such admiration to complete strangers. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone should be treated with such kindness and with a courtesy so well the President’s butler would look bad, but does everyone DESERVE respect?

Respect is something that must be earned and in return the same will be given to you. An individual should not just automatically be given respect because of who they are, what they wear, how old they are or even by their status in society. Call me crazy but respect is gained through trust and experience with a person and this I believe. You might ask why would I say such a thing, well let me explain.

First day of school and I’m sitting in first period. I’m the only person there because the bell hasn’t rung yet. A few minutes later the warning bell rings and kids start to fall through the door as if there was a disease spreading through the halls. Soon after the final bell rings and we’re ready to begin class, but something is missing, or should I say someone.

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