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Ernie Pyle is an individual who reported from the frontlines of Europe and North Africa during World War II. He died reporting in a bloody war in Okinawa. 2. Why does the man believe that the typewriter is Ernie Pyle’s? The man believes the typewriter is Ernie Pyle’s because legend has his own grandfather won it in a poker game in the 50s or 60s from a man named George Pratt who was in the same unit as Ernie Pyle. 3. How does the detective start his investigation of the typewriter? The detective starts his investigation by comparing the date it was assembled and looks to see if it is a possible match. Then he also looks for the military records of George Pratt. Then after that they research which typewriter Pyle favored and used most commonly. 4. Why is it important to get the typewriter working? What did the comparison of the documents show? They are going to get it to work so they can type a new document to compare it to Pyle’s documents he sent back. These will be compared to see if the same typewriter made both documents. 5. What is the conclusion of the detective?

The conclusion was that George Pratt never actually typed on the typewriter that was thought to be his. He might have had several and they backed up the story of George Pratt and know he was at the scene where Ernie Pyle died and had the opportunity to pick up the typewriter of Ernie Pyle. But that is still inconclusive evidence due to it was never seen in a photo with Pyle and that it didn’t type and documents the same as Pyle’s.

Your second lab link can be found at video mark 37:20 of the Lincoln Forgery. A written transcript is also available for this lab.

1. Why does the woman believe that she’s found Lincoln’s sheet music? She found a sheet music that has dated back before Lincoln was assassinated and it bears a signature of Abraham Lincoln and others. And it has notary seals and signatures that pass it from person to person. 2. How does Wes Cowen begin his investigation?

Wes Cowan began his investigation by comparing signatures to check if they are authentic. With the signatures they also validated the story of the sheet music, to see if the possible can explain the pass down from person to person. 3. What does the handwriting analyst find in the letter “A” of the signature? What does it indicate? The handwriting analyst found both the documents virtually identical. The analyst pointed out that the spacing between of ‘’A’’ and “L” in both the supposed signature and official signatures of A. Lincoln are identical. 4. Who was Eugene Fields II? How is he connected to the sheet music? Eugene Fields II is a forger who is the son of Eugene Fields, a famous poet. Him and his partner both are known for at the time of making forgeries of Abraham Lincoln and getting them authenticated by a person they knew. So the sheet music might be a product of forgery. 5. How were the forgers found out?

They were found out about, but never served a day in jail. But they were found out in 1931, Paul Angle told the members of the Abraham Lincoln Association about the differences found in Lincoln signatures from others.

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