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Prolonging the life of the young country required contributions from both founding fathers. Despite an undying possibility of the federal government becoming far too powerful Hamilton’s ideas by themselves would of done far better than Jefferson’s. Hamilton’s want for industrial power and a much stronger central authority derived from his experiences during revolutionary wartime. Hamilton saw then, the extent the country would be able to function without a source of revenue and with very limited congressional power. Jefferson’s attempts to enact laws to allow states to maintain their former rights, and his support of agriculture in the U.S. created a successful balance as his ideas contradicted Hamilton’s. However if themselves had put Jefferson’s plans into action, an extremely weak government would have led to further great crises potentially leading to the destruction of the young nation. The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, were advocating for the importance of a strong central government around the turn of the century.

Many including Hamilton understood the struggles they faced in wartime a few decades prior. The possibility of eventual failure in anyway led federalists to this previous conclusion. The former ruling document, The Articles of Confederation, and its corrupt often-conflicting policies concerning economic structure of the country prompted Hamilton to turn to loose construction relating to the constitution. Through this new policy of loose construction and by using their own interpretations of 9th amendment regarding the control of banks, Hamilton and the Federalist fashioned a National Bank of the United States. One of Hamilton’s many successes; the bank bolstered the U.S. economy. It allowed the government to uphold their control over issues in individual states.

Generated a new sense of power, efficiency, freedom and security for the entirety of the nation. Finally, to enhance the U.S. economy, Hamilton attempted to craft a self-sufficient nation. One that would no longer rely on British and others for manufactured goods. The United States would use their own large scale agricultural good production to eventual assemble a system of exportation of manufactured goods to go alongside their vast quantities of raw resources. These Hamiltonian policies permitted the cultivation and growth of the US economy. With a now robust system in place the new nation thrived.

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