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To Persuade or convince
To convince my audience that the use of cell phones while driving is dangerous. The use of cell phones should be banned while driving because one can’t focus on driving and pay attention to the road.


Persuade or convince people not to text while driving because it kills people; text while driving injures people; and persuade or convince people that texting while driving is a distraction.


Texting while driving kills people tell how many people were killed due to texting and driving talk about what happened on May 20th. Give more statistics on driving & texting kills

Texting while driving injures people give statistics on the injuries sustained from drivers who are texting give more statistics on injuries the risk factors of texting and driving

Texting while driving is a distraction

Talk about reaction time to an accident give statistics on age of drivers that have been reported texting and driving. Types of distractions

Why Banning the use of cell phone should be mandatory nationwide.


To Convince or Persuade people to stop driving and texting so that there will be less accidents and deaths on the road.

Why Banning the use of cell phone should be mandatory nationwide.


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