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These days cardboard is being used more and more for storing a wide variety of goods in, from being used to ship fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables in, through to long term storage of documents. Where as once only Secure archive storage service wooden crates were used to ship fruit in such as apples and Save on your document bananas, a huge amount of fruit is now shipped in cardboard Storage boxes. The reason for this is they are very easy to recycle as they can simply be folded flat when they have been used, where as older wooden fruit crates had to be broken up, or they would take up huge amounts of space, and many were not re­used, and given the amount of them that were being produced they were using up a lot of trees building them, which is not now classed as very eco­friendly. Cardboard is, as it can be recycled. Indeed fruit and vegetable retailers and wholesalers actually do recycle a lot of cardboard boxes.

Other storage uses for cardboard boxes now include those used by removal firms, who once upon a time used wooden storage crates, but these took up a lot of room as they could not be folded flat. With advent of strong cardboard boxes, they still do the same job as the wooden ones, yet fold flat when not in use. This means the removal firm saves money, as they do not need such a large storage area. Yet the boxes are strong enough to be stored full of goods one on top of the other, either whilst being used to move house, or for long­term storage. Other long­term storage uses for cardboard boxes are for documents storage, and a lot of companies now using cardboard boxes for long­term.

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