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On the midnight of January 26,1920, America went officially dry. The habit of most Americans was prohibited when the 18th Amendment was passed. The manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within the United States was forbidden. Prohibition was seen as a solution for one of the most serious problems in America which is caused by drinking, but then why did America change its mind? It happened for three major reasons: crime, enforcement and disrespect of law, and economic issues.

One of the main reasons that encouraged America to change its mind and repeal the 18th Amendment is the rapid increase of crime rate. In which the homicide rate reached from 700k to 1 million Americans during the period of prohibition. Also as shown in the carton by Winsor McCay, Uncle Sam hand to hand with bootleggers, racketeer, gangster, and dope seller. In which they all seem pleased and all leading to a future of depression.

Also America decided to repeal the 18th Amendment because of the concern over the enforcement and disrespect of law. In which Prohibition led to the smuggling of intoxicating liquors and the rise of bootleggers- who maintained a large power and were able to be so active without any interfering from the government. Also Document D shows how many men were abusing the law they were making which allowed bootleggers to increase their power and play their trade wisely.

Finally, the Amendment caused to serious economic issues. Which spotted the light on how much the nation would benefit from taxing the liquor sold. In which from the tax income, America would have been able to pay its interest on National debt and leave $200 million.

America changed its mind for three major reasons: crime, disrespect of law, and economic issues. It all made sense. Therefore, both the Senate and the House voted to remove the 18th Amendment; it was the first and only time in the American History that an Amendment to the constitution has been repealed.

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