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Henry VIII broke with Rome for a number of different reasons. These include his desire for a divorce which the pop would not grant, his need to close down the monasteries to get more money and his wish for more power to rule England. The most important reason is his need for a son, which would be the heir to the thrown because Henry VIII would have wanted England to be by Tudors as long as it could be, for this to happen he would need a son which would forever bare the Tudor name. In this paragraph, I will be talking about Henry and the divorce. Henry wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon because Henry desperately wanted an heir to the throne (preferably a son), but Catherine was getting old and would not be able to have children anymore. Henry desperately wanted and heir because he wanted England to be ruled by a Tudor for as long as possible, to do that he would need son that would forever bare the Tudor name to continue the Tudor reign when he died. But there was only one problem with this…….as catholic the pope would not allow Henry to go forward with the divorce as this was forbidden for Catholics.

This reason is majorly important as this is the main reason why Henry broke from Rome and because him wanting a divorce and not being granted it was what triggered it all. In this paragraph I am going to talk about why Henry closed the monasteries, some people believe that he did it for the money, but really and truly he was already the richest man in England why would he need more money, I mean he had more money than he knew what to do with! Henry appeared to believe that he needed to change the religion on England to close corrupted monasteries, although there is some truth in that, it was mainly for the money, which I don’t understand because he was already loaded with money, but hey!. This reason is important but out of the three reasons I’m considering, it is the least important because Henry was already rich, money shouldn’t be a problem.

In this paragraph I am going to talk about Henrys desire for power. Henry didn’t like the pope simply because the pope would not grant him a divorce that he shouldn’t be having, as a catholic, which was the only thing stopping him from getting an heir. So maybe if Henry had more power over the church in then he wouldn’t need the pope to grant him p a divorce, he could easily grand himself a divorce, marry Anne Boleyn and she could provide him with the her he wanted!. This reason is fairly important, out of all the reasons I am considering this is the second most important. In conclusion, the most important reason Henry broke from Rome is because he wanted a divorce as this would help get him an heir to the throne.

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