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Countries like Tokyo, Hawaii, Monserrat, Mexico, San Francisco; countries in South America and villages around Mt. Etna have to cope with earthquakes and volcanoes.

Some countries do not cope better than others in dealing with disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes because they may not have as much money than other countries. For example South America has very little money. The facts of that they have little money means that nearly all of their larger buildings have not got anything like the technology, which the richer countries like Tokyo have. In Mexico, also a poor country, measures for reducing earthquake risk have often not been able to be done because of economic problems. They don’t have enough money just to build a building for a firebreak to protect other buildings either.

They also do not have the technology or equipment. Things like computer tensioning systems and shock absorbers in buildings are very expensive and would help to improve the chances of the survival of the building in an earthquake. Without the technology the buildings would probably be ruined or collapse during an earthquake and then more money would have to be spent to re-build the buildings. This money would mainly come from other countries that support and want to help that country.

Population is also a problem. Although Tokyo has more money and technology than Mexico or countries in South America its population makes it very difficult to evacuate everyone to a safe place in time. It is difficult to find a place that is big enough to fit Tokyo’s population once they start to evacuate. Even if there is not such a big population it can be difficult to evacuate somewhere like Hawaii and the other Hawaiian Islands and to get everyone off the island. It would also be difficult to evacuate people that live near Mt. Etna.

Poorer countries tend to have a poor education. They don’t learn as much in schools about earthquakes, evacuations, or about safety issues. This means more people have a higher chance of dying in a disaster and also if they don’t know how an earthquake occurs then they can’t do as much to prevent one or predict if one is going to occur. This could be very dangerous in Tokyo, Mexico city or San Francisco because it is very built up and many tall buildings that could collapse, than in less built up countries like countries in South America. Also a lack of education can mean that people don’t get such a good job and then not bringing in so much money. The GNP suffers therefore not enough money is available to spend on technology such as seismometers and Richter scales.

They also may not have such a good medical service due to the GNP being low. There might not be enough ambulance services to help the wounded or injured to get to hospitals to be treated. They might not have as many hospitals in the needed areas to treat patients. During a disaster hospitals could be destroyed or damaged, unable to help any one. Also because of a lack of education there are not as many doctors or nurses than richer, more educated countries. It might be difficult for the medical services if the land was marshy and difficult to reach some people.

They might not be able to cope as well as other countries because it might not have very good contact or communication with other countries when there is a disaster and need help or support.

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