Why Do We Need Management? Essay Sample

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We need management to help keep things organized, in order and To make sure the company goal are met. * Describe the key functions of management and why these are important. * Planning- To me it is the most important part. It is the foundation that the other three are built on. * Organizing- is the second part of management. Management you must have all of your resources organized in order

resources organized in order to operate properly. Through the way you get organized will determine the structure of your company. To find out what is the best way for your company to structure its management team you must look at the internal structure of the departments. * Directing- is the third part of management. When you are directing you have the influence and oversee the behavior of your employees and their achievements. You can influence through motivation, communication, department dynamics, and department leadership. * Controlling- is the last part of management.” It involves establishing performance standards based on the company’s objectives, and evaluating and reporting actual job performance. Once management has done both of these things, it should compare the two to determine any necessary corrective or preventive action”.

* Evaluate your own abilities in these functions. Where do you see your current strengths and areas for opportunity? I am pretty good leading, organizing, controlling and planning. I am not saying that I am perfect but I do have some skills at all of these functions. The military trained me to do all of these things. But I can stand to have a little more patience and I tend to be a work alcoholic and put too much work on my plate. * Why do we need management?

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