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Why Does Climate Change Present Potential Dangers for the African Continent? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

From the risk of malaria to desertification to the debt crisis, Africa suffers potential danger from not only social elements, but economic and environmental factors too. This makes it a zone under threat. Although the countries within Africa, do not contribute heavily towards climate change in comparison to the scale of western countries, such as the USA, it is the one suffering from its consequences. Such global warming effects seen are desertification for example, which then leads to famine and the threat food security sees.

Desertification has both human and natural causes. Human is seen through overcultivisation and overgrazing leading to desertification. Where as due to the change of climate, fertile land turns into desert. However, you could argue that although climate change is thought to be a part of the earth’s natural cycle, human actions are said to fasten its process leading to the effects that it has. Moreover, desertification leads to not only famine and the threat of food security. Due to the land turning into desert, the growth of crops is unsustainable which leads to many people whom rely on the growth of crops for their personal food source to starve. This begins famine. Famine sees the struggle to receive food and a long suffering demonstrating here of both social and environmental factors

. Africa also holds the burden of debt as a poor under developed

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LEDC country. Although some countries have had their burden lightened through parts of their debt written off, the weight of the debt is still quite heavy which forces people to go through the production of cash crops. This is when crops grown are internationally sold. The money received here is not used for individual profit, rather to help pay the debt off. Due to desertification as such, and famine and the food security African nations have less food for them selves resulted to by climate change. To add to this, climate change also affects rain patterns, which greatly affects the African region. As there is a lack of rain, which leads to the poor growth and lack of crops this also contributes to famine and its financial state. To add to this, when it does rain it may actually lead to high quantities of torrential rain that floods huge masses of areas destroying crops and endangering many lives.

To add to this, warmer weather not only means the extinction of species but also that many others are able to travel further like mosquitoes that carry malaria. This threatens many people, as these people can not afford such health care to maybe prevent the disease or treat it. Whereas, the rise of sea levels affects the low lying coastal cities. This sees such areas threatened by floods and erosion due to the change of climate.

Overall, the financial poor state of Africa leads to not only factors fatally damaging their economy but also the lives of many people and the environmental state of Africa. The effect of global warming leads to desertification which acts as a major effect affecting not only the environment of Africa but also its economy. Its economy is also seen to be damaged through the way climate change affects weathering demonstrating an unknown phase of when it is best to begin the growth of crops. Here we see that the area of food is affected by not one effect of global warming but two which we have discussed which severely damages Africa.

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