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Why Has There Been a Growth in Gaming? Essay Sample

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Why Has There Been a Growth in Gaming? Essay Sample

The gaming industry has been growing massively over the last 20 years. Last year the gaming industry was worth £4.65billion, a rise in 2.7% from the previous year. These games are used for entertainment value and can be played anywhere with internet access. The gaming industry has even overtaken the music industry. This piece will describe exactly why there’s been a growth in gaming, including: free games, decline in other pastimes, Easy to play for generations, and Portable gaming devices. Firstly, free games are available on most gaming devices, convincing people to play them. Addictive games will be free at first to get the user hooked and then after three or four levels the user will have to pay to continue the game. Most free games are trial games and if the buyer enjoys the game they can then buy the full version for money. ‘It may not be a lot of money; it could even be a few pennies. This would give the company more money to advance the software of the game, making it more popular. But how else does the company make money?

Advertisement. Adverts could be shown before the game, during levels, and at the end. Also, in a free game named ‘Mega run’ to get money for the game you have to watch an advert to gain twenty mega run points to play the game with. Also, ‘Draw something’ (a popular game) relevant adverts are used, because the people with the draw something app will want a similar advert like an art advert. Another reason for the growth in gaming is that there has been a decline in other pastimes. In stead of children going out and playing sport, people are staying in and playing sport on the gaming devices. For example: Fifa is a foot ball game that kids will play for hours. It costs between twenty and thirty pounds and you have to buy the console to put it in. Another example is the Wii Fit where you can ski, run, golf, tennis, do aerobics etc; and people will pay a lot for home exercise, so that’s why it’s so popular. When you are playing a sport or any game online you don’t need other people to play with you and that’s why it’s so popular.

You can play with anyone around the world, or with a friend using a code on multiplayer. Multiplayer is included in Nintendo Wii’s, Nintendo Ds, Xbox 360, and PS3. A multiplayer game is a game which is played by several players. The players might be independent opponents, formed into teams or be just a single team. I think there has also been a growth in gaming because there are games consoles and games for different types of people. There are simple and colourful games for the young like: leapfrog games, Dora the explorer games and pet pals. There are games for older girls like Barbie or Sims, and games for older boys like Pokémon or Call of duty. Even though Call of Duty is strictly for ages 18 and over boys love it. There are games for older people like buzz the Big Quiz. According to the national games society there are about 5 million games in the world including different languages. There are also games for the family like Brain Training on Nintendo DS.

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