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Higher education is critical to getting ahead in the world today especially with the way society is now structured. Eighty-three percent of U.S. adults believe that our country is falling behind economically and 71 percent say that the nation can improve if more people earn college degrees. With that being so, I have decided to go to college at this time in my life for many reasons.

The most important reason for me going back to college at this time of my life is because in November of 2010, I became a mother for the first time, in which has matured me a lot. I want to be able to offer my son a great life and be a great role model to him. Now that I have someone who’s depending on me, I would like to demonstrate what success looks like, I want him to look up to me, I want to be able to give him the life my parents gave to me but better. I want to reveal to him that having a college degree really pays off, it’ll allow me to display a better life for him and I won’t have to convince him to attend college through someone else’s success, but he’ll be able to see the impact that a college degree has on one’s life just by looking at me….his MOM.

I have decided to attend college at this time in my life to get a better education, to increase my knowledge, to have a good opportunity for a better career and develop my communication and writing skills. Currently education is an essential part of our lives; it’s hard to form a future without some type of college degree. Clearly, college graduates, on average, make more than those with only a high school diploma and also have better chances. For example, I have been stuck with an administrative assistant position for the last several years, without any advancement. My days at work are no longer interesting to me; I am no longer enthused with my daily occupation. Most jobs are demanding bachelor degrees and establishments prefer to hire well qualified and higher educated people for those who have received a
bachelor degree in certain professional fields. Therefore, a candidate, who graduates from college, may be more competitive than others.

Returning to school was something I always intended to do in my life. I knew there would be some obstacles and difficulties I would have to overcome to make my dream come true. I always wanted to go to college but choices I’ve made in life have derailed my goals. A lot of working adults feel like it is just too late to go back to school because they don’t have time in their hectic lives, but this is not and will not be me, I feel like it’s never too late. I am now enrolled in Strayer University’s Accountant program in which I am determined to complete!

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