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I should be promoted because I am a B+ student and I love to be a great student. I strive to better than I am now and am gradually progressing. I do 4 sports, I run indoor track, outdoor track, cross country, and raiders. I am good at running I run a 5:25 mile and my 5k is 18:50. For my age that is a very fast time. I should be promoted because I am active in the St. Johns community I have went in the March for Life and was a Shadower. I try to do as much as I can if things are available. I wear my uniform properly, how I am supposed to wear it. I have gotten no more than 4 detentions even though I would have wished to have gotten none. I say sir’ and Ma’am to all of my teachers.

I should be promoted because I’m ready to take on more responsibility as that shows that I’m becoming a better person and beginning to make progress on becoming a leader because with more rank comes more responsibility. If I get promoted I am going to take the responsibilities and tasks that I am given and carry out and perform them to my highest of my ability. I am going to be more motivated and take more initiative to get things done quicker and more efficiently than before. Here are a few flaws that I have found in myself. To begin, I could motivate myself more and take more initiative to get things done faster. I need to work on being on time to formations. I need to work on learning my job better and expanding my knowledge of the equipment. I need to keep my attitude to myself, and I need to help other people out more.

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