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This summer I would like to participate in the ARL internship program for several different reasons. I would like to challenge myself to learn new things in a different environment. I believe this program will introduce me to different career options and enhance my knowledge in STEM. These are my reasons why I would like to receive a ARL internship opportunity.

When you challenge yourself you can expand your knowledge to a higher level. This is what I think the ARL program would offer me when I am accepted. I want this program to help broaden my knowledge and allow me to become a more critical thinker. By attending this program I will improve my learning styles by allowing me to work on hands-on experience. By participating in this program it will help to test the limit of my mind.

There are two options in life a job or career. A career is something you have a passion for doing and a job is what you do to help pay the bills. The one I want is a career, something I can have a passion for doing. I want to have a career in this program. The ARL program will help me network with people who are already established in there career and they will be able to mentor me, and help me reach my personal career aspiration. By getting exposure to different fields I would get a better understanding on what I would like to do. With the right guidance I can be better prepared to take initiative and increase my chance to have a successful career. Friends and family that believe in me want me to reach my full potential, and by being apart of this program I think I can do it.

The final thing I want the ARL internship program to do is assist me in STEM. In school I’m currently taking biology, geometry, and Robotics 1 and subjects are closely related with STEM. The ARL program will give me work to help make me master the concepts of STEM. I would like for them to help push my learning to it greatest. This program will make me use critical thinking thinking for each subject in STEM. They will also teach me about STEM from different perspectives. If I’m in this internship it can have a huge effect on what I know about STEM.

In conclusion, I would be honor to receive a ARL internship opportunity. I know this program can benefit me tremendously. The things that this program have to offer can be life changing for my future. I have a high interest to be in this internship program. I’m really eager for this program to start and I hope I would be able to attend it over this Summer.

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