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Why I Want to Become a Professional Engineer? Essay Sample

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Why I Want to Become a Professional Engineer? Essay Sample

Nowadays, there are so many professions in our modern world and thanks to the progress and development of technology and science that list is constantly updated. But why I decided to become exactly an engineer? Of course, each person chooses a career based on their own interests, desires and goals in their life. Now I will try to explain all the benefits of this profession and maybe you will change your attitude towards it. I’ll be objective and say that like any other profession, this one has both pluses and minuses. I suggest we start with the positive qualities. The engineering is considered to be the foundation of any project, from small to the grandiose. It is one of the most popular professions in the world. This is no coincidence, because all that is created by engineers makes our life easier and more convenient, engineer is involved in the production of various material goods – from consumer goods and food products to the most complicated technology.

I want to add that this profession not only allows you to be the part of the production but provides a variety of capabilities: interesting and well-educated social sphere, people; the opportunity to participate in the design and construction of iconic objects; to visit different parts of the world ; and continuously learn and improve your own social and professional skills. The profession of engineer is difficult to attribute to the number of dangerous. But the great importance is the sense of responsibility, because of person’s efficiency and organization often depends on the rational use of manpower and equipment. Indispensable qualities of a good engineer is creativity, independence, creative approach to work. Typically, engineers – people with a technical mind and abilities, but often their work is creative. Often the engineer is the head of a particular group, so it will need work and organizational skills. I think this profession is for me. I hope very much that the high demands for self-organization, quality and results of my work will allow me to become engineer in a prestigious organization.

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