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Why Is There A Need For World Development? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Millions of people around the world are suffering from starvation and poverty. The reason for this is many countries are not as privileged as others. These countries are knows as “Less Economically Developed Countries” or LEDC’s

Signs of an LEDC are not hard to find. Things such as poor housing, poor healthcare, disease and a high risk of crime are all regular day to day situations that people living in LEDC’s have had to learn to live with. Conditions are harsh and there are no means to stop this issue from continuing. Places such as Africa, Brazil, India and Pakistan are all classed as LEDC’s, with little or no water supplies in most villages, and a high risk of catching a fatal disease. Infant mortality is very common as there are no vaccinations or other healthcare available, along with other children under the age of 5 being much more likely to catch a disease, compared to children in their teens.

However, there are more millions of people indulging in a variety of food, clothes, housing and other luxuries. These countries are known as “More Economically Developed Countries” or MEDC’s. These countries are lucky enough to have the money and the wealth to look after their country and the people living in it. There are many examples of MEDC’s, such as England, France, Spain and Germany, who all have the money to live a happy and healthy life

There are many reasons for people living in poor conditions as they do, and one of them is debt. LEDC’s have become so tied down in debt, each baby born already owe the country £120.This has become a massive problem. With LEDC’s taking months and sometimes even years to repay money owed, in

trest rates grow rapidly on top of the original amount owed. Money having to be constantly paid back

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means there is no money left over for them. Aid was needed to help people out of poverty while there governments were trying to pay back their debts; they are still paying this debt back.

Another problem with LEDC’s is the rapid increase in population. Families with a large amount of children are common. Children are needed as workers to bring in maximum income and help support their family. Also there is only a 50% chance that the child will survive past the age of 5, because of the lack of food, water and high risk of catching a fatal disease. With LEDC’s having a lack of money, this means that there is no contraception what so ever. As a result of this, many people suffer from an S.T.I, such as the fatal Aids. Many lives are lost each day as a result of this. Development aid can be used to set up programmes providing home based care and raising awareness of disease in the poorest communities and pre-and post-HIV test counseling. This will help to prevent the spread of AIDS and will enable people living with the disease to live a full life.

However, this is not the end of the problems for people living in LEDC’s. Problems that are far from their control, affect the conditions they live in, in a big way. An example of this is war within the country causing many people to loose their house, possessions and often, their lives. War destroys buildings, such as people’s houses, schools and hospitals, causing their country more devastation and more poverty. People move to safer countries and become refugees in order to escape war in their own country. Development projects are needed to focus on reconciliation and building peace. Others provide support to affected communities and help to rebuild the infrastructure and deal with emergency aid such as housing food water and refugees.

Another problem amongst LEDC’s is natural disasters. Many LEDCs are situated in locations where natural disasters are at their highest. Many natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and droughts, destroy many people’s homes and cause devastation in their path. If there is a little amount of rainfall or too much, crops will be destroyed and won’t grow properly, meaning there is a shortage on food and often stopping a family’s only food supply. Development aid is needed in the short term to help people to get over these natural disasters; homes can be rebuilt CAFOD responds to emergencies on the basis of advice from its partner organizations. As there are many problems that can be resolved through a long period of time, there are also many that can not be helped and are beyond our control, and will therefore continue to cause more destruction and devastation within LEDC’s.

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