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Have you watched the news lately? If not, then perhaps you should. All you see are stories about kids getting kidnapped, by family, friends, or strangers. It is enough to scare the wits out of any kid. Many parents, including mine, say we are to young and irresponsible for cell phones. I firmly believe they are mistaken. First of all, I believe that if kids had cell phones, they could and would feel more protected. If an occasion were to arise in which they felt in danger, they would be able to contact the authorities or someone that could help them. I believe kids could benefit a lot from having a cell phone. I believe it could give them a sense of responsibility. On the other hand, I do understand a lot of the points that parents have for not allowing this. They say, we can’t pay the bills, we will lose them, or we will break them. Cell phones cost a lot of money and are not easily replaced. Parents have a lot of good points for the why nots. But what are their points for why we should.

If you look on the internet, you will have no problem finding all the facts that talk about child abduction. It will give the stat on how most kids are abducted by people they know and trust. The rest are by complete strangers. In a lot of ways cell phones could change these stats.If a lot of these kids had of had cell phones, these abductions may could have been prevented. In addition, as a pre-teen, about to go out in the world on my own, I really believe I would feel much safer knowing that if I ever got in a situation and needed help, I would have a way to call someone if I had a cell phone. I also believe if parents looked at it in a different way other than it being another bill they have to pay; they would see this point as well. I believe they would see the safety in it. In conclusion, my reasons for kids having cell phones are simple. It gives them a feeling of strength, safety, and responsibility. It gives kids like me a chance to prove we are more grown up than most parents think we are. I think all parents should reconsider their reasoning’s for not allowing their kids to have cell phones. I have discussed it with my mother and she has changed her mind. My safety is her number one priority.

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