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When you hear of plastic surgery, what do you think of? A movie star trying to delay the effects of aging? Somebody’s cute “new” nose that cost quite a few allowances? Those are common images of plastic surgery, but what about the 4-year-old boy who has his chin rebuilt after a dog bit him? There are, but various reasons why people choose to have plastic surgery and having undergone this complex procedures they also have to undergo the risk involved. Perilous but alluring, plastic surgery is the craze of the century for those vain enough to part with a substantial sum of money.

Those who have recently annuled their marriage or trying to secure a position in an illustrious firm has the assumption that they need to look good to feel better about themselves (Dusen, 2008). They view plastic surgery could help them to fit in and look acceptable to friends and peers. It is also as a way to facilitate them in standing out from the crowd. No doubt, having the surgery gives them greater confidence and boosts their self-esteem. Another reason why plastic surgery is an option as stated by Dusen (2008) is because they are inspired after having seen what it can do a 50 year old man. Having seen people transform to half the age they are now would seems like a dream come true . Some people’s emotions have a really big effect on how they think they look. People who are depressed, extremely self-critical, or have a distorted view of what they really look like sometimes think that changing their looks will solve their problems. If by submiting yourself to plastic surgery can help you to uplift your self-assurance then why not? Nevertheless, having to tolerate such a chancy and uncertain actions pose to be a challenging confrontation.

According to Marcus (2007) those who choose to have plastic surgery will have to come to terms with short-term feeling of not having any sensation where the surgical cut is made. Temporary numbness is a common consequence as the injury to the nerve is usually temporary and therefore, it is a matter of days, weeks, and perhaps months before innervation is returned. A permanent paralysis is extremely rare . So, those who have undergone the surgery feel that there is no need of a panic attack as the effect is just short-lived. Another consequence of plastic surgery is seroma which is an accumulation of clear serous fluid . The simplest treatment is aspiration, that is draining the fluid with a needle ( Marcus, 2007). Seroma is uncommon but nevertheless it can present complication after both implants and autogenous reconstruction. That is why doctors tend to leave it alone for fear of passing the needle into the seroma and potentially rupturing the implants or tissue expander . Scary as it sounds, it is not enough to diminish the demand for cosmetic plastic surgery which “continue to increase showing a rise of 48 per cent in 2006” (Marcus, 2007).

While the risks of plastic surgery do vary from one procedure to another, certain risks are common to all surgery, and some of the risks are grave. Only you can decide if it is worth it. Take into account all the pros and cons. If you decide to go for it, choose the best surgeon you can find. Then enjoy your new look!


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