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People travel to many different places for many different reasons every day. One of the reasons why most people travel is to sight see. For many people seeing new places and things can be very exciting and entertaining. Very often people tend to sight see while doing of the things that almost every single one of us does and that’s going on vacation. Taking a vacation is one of the

of the most common reasons that I think people travel. Whether you’re taking a vacation to simply get away from work, going to see a family member, or a romantic getaway most of do this at least once a year. Another of the reasons why people travel is for business purposes.

Many people especially executives and businessman have to travel daily, weekly, or monthly to conduct business. This is a big part of travel especially with international companies that have multiple divisions. Some people tend to travel to explore in the name of science. Since there are still places in the world that have not been explored or may hold interest, scientist travel or hire someone to explore these uncharted areas.

One of the last reasons that I’ll list as a reason why people travel is for religious reasons. There are many different places in the world like Israel or The Vatican that hold religious meaning to many people in the world. People often travel to these places on spiritual pilgrimages or other religious reasons. The most recent experience I had traveling was when I went to Washington D.C. I just went for a vacation and also a little sightseeing. I didn’t really do very much as it was only for two days. However I did get to do a bit of wondering around and got to see the outdoor mall. I also visited several tourist spots like the Lincoln Monument and the White House.

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