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Living and studying in Asia for a couple of years now, I realized that one of the great things is that you have access to culture and language, while having free access to sources and versions of history and politics. I can undoubtedly state that Korea is a wonderful country, a world of contrasts, a mixture of cultural influences, traditions, advanced technology, infrastructure and highly qualified education, a safe place where people can walk the streets safely and is one of the largest trading countries in the world and stable, economically and socially.

A great education can lead to a great future, and tWhat are you waiting for?here is an outstanding education system in Taiwan that provides opportunities for international students to study a wide variety of subjects and careers.

Since I am willing to study International Trade, I have discovered that companies are looking for professionals who know thoroughly the Chinese market and language, people with knowledge in the distribution channels, communication and product strategies, culture, business protocol, negotiation, logistics, import operations and export, and other means of payment.

Therefore, I consider that Taiwan, for its geographic position has an important location for trade and has become the target market for multinationals around the world. This makes Taiwan the best place for me to study a career in International Trade.

In addition, economically, Taiwan is a small island with fewer resources and need trade reciprocity with other countries and, due to its geographic position it is not difficult to connect with the United States, Japan, China, and Latin American countries, within others.

Taiwan is considered to be an open port for trade. Consequently there are many exchanges with foreigners which allow us to interact openly with other cultures.

All these attributes were my inspiration to encourage me to strengthen and enrich my knowledge in this nation.

In doing my masters degree in International Trade in Taiwan, I hope to return to my country as a highly qualified professional and then be able to apply everything I have learned in Taiwan in my native country, Panama, where I plan to have my own business and then make commercial businesses with Taiwan.

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