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Why the Whales Came Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In the beginning of the book the book the person reading would see the Birdman as an evil and mad person they thought this because of the way he appears, he looks like an owl he wears a black cape covering his monstrous face so the people on the island say. When any-body sees him he is always wearing his black cape covering his appearance. As he walks his limp makes him look like an evil monster.

Another reason why the Birdman Seems to be Sinister is because he wears a black cape with no shoes or socks on making him look like a wizard or vampire and the way the seagulls circle him is very strange the people on the island say that he has put a spell on them and they guard him. Everybody on the island say that he is a curse and if he touches you he will put a curse on you.

When the adults talk about him its always bad. They always say things like: he is mad and never to go near Heathy Hill and they always use the word scally-wag to describe him.

On the Island all the children think that the Birdman is evil they think he is dangerous all the children are scared stiff of him.

Around then island there are dozens of rumours one of them is that he looks after animals we have seen a dog which he has brought up all him self he has a donkey and bees he looks after them all some of the people say. Most of the rumours come from the adults when they talk about the Birdman they always talk about where he lives and how he lives I here mostly bad things about him that he hasn’t got any friends apart from his animals and he is very dirty and smelly because he hasn’t got a water supply such as a well.p> When some of the older people talk of the Birdman they always say

that we should have sympathy for him because he is death so they think and because he hasn’t got any parents because they have died so he hasn’t got any friends or brothers/sisters to talk to or play with or to help him carve his birds out of the wood.

One day Gracie And Daniel saw him and felt very scared at this moment They didn’t know what to do there boats were floating out to sea and couldn’t get them Gracie and Daniel knew they should not of gone down to the beach but it was the only calm spot all over the Island for our boats. The Birdman started walking closer they wanted to scream and shout but couldn’t they wanted to run but couldn’t then suddenly this dog leaped up Gracie, Gracie realised straight away that it was the Birdman’s dog he pulled Gracie up and spoke mumbled but softly, for some reason Daniel and Gracie weren’t scared of him any more Gracie remembered when the older people said he was death so Gracie started to write messages in the sand Daniel wrote lots of questions but most the Birdman did not answer. Gracie had to go home at this point because it was dinnertime Gracie wrote in the sand “I’ve got to go home now”. Gracie and Daniel didn’t go back there for while when they did go back they made friends with him and he let them go into his cottage and Daniel helped him with his carvings of birds.

When the war broke out it was starting to get worse Gracie told the Birdman blew his lid shouting and raving saying things like “when will they learn we shouldn’t fight we should all be friends I don’t like it when people die I feel sick.” Later when he had stopped raving about the war he told Gracie that there was plenty of wood on the beach so the adults could gather the wood and sell them to by food for the family’s.

Later that year the war got worse and father had gone to fight the war and a couple of months later he had gone missing Mother and Gracie were very upset. Gracie and Daniel did not go to see the Birdman for a while because Gracie Was upset but when they did go to see the Birdman Gracie told him and he was very upset he said that he wanted to be left alone so Gracie and Daniel went home.

Later that day around 12:00pm there was a knock at the door Gracie went to open it but know one was there but some eggs, bread, blankets Gracie’s mother made on omelette out of the eggs.

When Big Tim talks of the Birdman He is always saying ” I’m not scared of him he’s just a old man with a bad disease.” He describes the Birdman as a piece of rubbish alone in a bin. But when the Birdman saved Brhyer from the curse Big Tim’s opinion changed a lo

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