Why There Were Tensions Between Countries in Europe in 1914 Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I’m going to explain why there were tensions between countries in Europe and why they led to war in 1914. For years before 1914, tension had been building in Europe. One cause of tension was overseas colonies. For example Germany and France clashed over in Morocco, between 1905 and 1911. This started by France who wanted to have more colonies in Africa. As Germany disliked this idea and wanted to test the “alliance” between France and Britain, he decided to support Morocco’s independence. His only intention was to bother France and to test him, as he thought that the alliance France had with Britain was just a paper. France was angry with Germany’s ideas. He thought that Germany hadn’t anything to do in their affairs. At an international conference in Algeciras, in 1906, Germany was humiliated by France and Britain in front of the whole world and he was treated as inferior. This made Germany bitter. This proved that this two old rivals, France and Britain were now seemed very close and that it was more than just a paper. In 1911 France tried to take over Morocco again. They said that they were ready to compensate Germany if trade suffered as a result but in response, Germany send a gunboat to Agadir. Britain disliked this action taken by Germany because he feared that he could take control over the Mediterranean.

So another conference was called where Germany, for the second time, was humiliated. As a consequence, France finally could take over Morocco while they tried, with Britain, to defend the Mediterranean in case Germany did something. As finally we can see that Germany’s ideas of the alliance between France and Britain were wrong and that the one that left hurt was Germany. Another cause of tension was the arms race on land. While Britain and Germany built up their navies, the rest of the European powers in were also building their armies. This meant that war was bound to come and that countries felt in economic and financial problems in order to build their army. In Germany war was glorified. For example, The Kaiser surrounded himself with military advisers.

Yet another cause of tension was plans for war. Here, many countries felt so sure that war was bound

to come that they started to get prepare for it. In this case by making plans in order to attack or to defense. Germany was preparing a plan which was called tfe Schlieffen plan which consisted by attacking and defeating quickly France and they turning their troops to the frontiers to Russia.

Austria-Hungary knew that he needed the help of Germany in order to defeat Russia and he believed in the Schlieffen plan. From the triple entente, Russia plans were to overwhelm Germany’s and Austria’s armies by sheer weight of number. France plan consisted in French troops that they could charge across the frontier and attack Germany. This plan was called Plan 17. And the last one was Britain which his plans consisted in sending 150000 well trained troops to the frontiers between France and Germany in order to defend France. With so much talk of plans of war, he can see that now war was inevitable. The next cause of tension in Europe was The Anglo-German naval rivalry between 1900-1914. Ever since the Battle of Trafalgar, Britain had ruled the seas without any challenge. He had the strongest navy in the world. But this situation started to change when Wilhelm, Germany Kaiser, decided to build a powerful naval. Britain felt threatened by this as his naval was spread all over the world were he had the other colonies. But why did Germany want to have a strong naval? Germany felt that he needed a navy in order to protect their trade with the rest of the world. They said that Britain was over reacting this situation but this situation only lend to Germany and Britain to spent millions in the build of a strong navy.

This tense situation made war likely, but it still needed an event to trigger it off. This happened in June 28th of 1914. The Austrian archduke Ferdinand was visiting Bosnia with his wife Sophie. At the place there was 6 teenage terrorist in representation of the Black Hand, n terrorist organization of Serbia. They were hiding in the crowd ready to kill the Archduke and his wife. While the archduke and his wife were passing through the street, the first man get very scared to kill them and ran away. The second one although he was scared, he threw a bomb which exploited next to the car. As a consequence and a way of prevention, the car changed their route and all the terrorist left thinking that the archduke was killed by the bomb but they were wrong.

One of the guys while he was leaving, saw Ferdinand a safe so he decided to kill him, he took his arm and shot. Ferdinand and Sophie were killed. As Austria was searching for an excuse from attacking Serbia now they had the perfect excuse by blaming Serbia of the murder. This sparked of war because on 23 July Austria blamed Serbia of the murder and sent and ultimatum and on 28 July he declared war on Serbia. Afterwards, Russia gets prepared in order to defense Serbia although Germany warned Russia not to help Serbia. On august the first, Germany declared war on Russia and began to put up the Schliefen plan. France was ready to get defend from German attack. On august 4 Britain declared war on Germany and finally in August 6 Austria declared war on Russia. As a consequence, the war broke out.

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