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People may lie a couple times, but that doesn’t make them are liar. Your lying depends on the situation that you encounter. Some people think that lying is the worst thing; and on the contrast other people think that sometimes it would be necessary to lie. Lying can be acceptable on the situation, if there good intention behind it .For instance, if you think that I am giving my friend a moral to make him happy, then that kind of lying would be appropriate and acceptable. Wouldn’t be embarrassed for you if your teachers know that you are liar and if they don’t even trust you? When people are younger, they lie to their family and their friends. Lying would make them a bad person; if their lying is inappropriate and continues. So as I said before lying would depend on the situation that makes to you lie.

To begin with, lying would make untruthful and feel guilty for your entire life, as your lying is not useful and hurt peoples. Almost the whole world people lie one or more in their life. They shouldn’t be offended with making themselves liar. A lot things will happen in your life, so lying would be the first thing. Also lying depends on the situation that you lie. If you’re lying wouldn’t be accepted with someone, it means you are lying like a rug and trying to make people to feel bad with lying and that would be the worst thing you did in your life. If your friends notice that you are liar, your social life will be more challenging and you will find it hard to have good conversation with them. As you see some lying will hurt some people ,so you always need to ask yourself what will be the impact of your lie on the people on the other side.

As I said before there is a time when lying will be acceptable if it is appropriate, and people get some benefits on it. For instance if one of my family member got a bad hair cut, I wouldn’t tell him that he had a bad haircut. That’s why I said Lying depend on the situation. If my life is in big trouble, and at the time when I understand lying is the only option to mitigate the danger I will definitely do it as long as I didn’t hurt somebody else. I am not encouraging you to lie, but I am saying that lying depends on the situation that you lie. It will be embarrassing for you, if no one trust you, so you better think deep inside before you lie, or make sure that your lying is useful, not going to hurt you or somebody else and appropriate.

Besides, lying can make you a bad person and liar, so it is always better to think two times before we lie and prepare a justification why you are lying and how this will have an impact on your future social life. You always see a kid lying, but that won’t please their parent. Imagine a kid lying for their parents; what do you think that parent will do. I think they will punish them give them advice to be trusted. That parent is absolutely right, I agree with that , but it depends the situation that the kid lie. A lot of parents want to teach their child to be honesty and that would be right too. Even though if I agreed that kids need to be honesty, I totally disagree that honest couldn’t happen always, because there will be some hard situation that make us to lie, so lying will always depend on the situation that you lie.

Finally, lying is a word that people always do it, but there are some persons that don’t like to do it, but they still lie. A guy said “ That lying will save our life, so lying is accepted at all the time. I would partially agree with that, because lying wouldn’t be accepted at all the time, it can be accepted only for emergencies, for instance to get out of trouble, to give moral and save our life. And telling the truth is also good. If you tell the truth, you will get more trusted from friends and family members. The most important thing, being truthful is always a key for success of your professional life .

Clearly, you can see how lying would be harmful, if you don’t use for emergencies only. I think we all admit that lying should be used at a time when its benefits is much more than its negative impact perhaps telling the truth is the most important thing in your life. That why I tries to explicitly depict your situation.

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