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William Howard Russell And Roger Fenton Essay Sample

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William Howard Russell And Roger Fenton Essay Sample

Do you agree with the view that the work of William Howard Russell and Roger Fenton presented the British public with a realistic portrayal of the Crimean War?

William Russell and Roger Fenton were both the first of their kind and there work was seen to give the British public a realistic portrayal of the Crimean War. However both men’s work can be scrutinized as they both had limitations, which would’ve affected their work. This essay will discuss how both men’s work gave a realistic representation and how their work didn’t give a realistic representation and come to a conclusion on whether the British public received a true portrayal of the Crimean War.

Source 4 agrees with the view that the work of Russell and Fenton presented the public with a realistic representation. Source 4 focuses on how the public reacted to the work, we know that Fenton’s photographs toured Britain and were very successful. So it is no surprise that in source 4 we are told that the “photographs were a great success”. It is also interesting that source 4 also compares Fenton’s photographs to the articles written by Russell and shows that both of their work gave the same impression to the British public. Both the men’s work presented the poor conditions that the “troops faced”, and by both being the first of their kind it was also a first for the British public. Over all this source aggress with the statement that both Fenton and Russell presented a realistic portrayal of the Crimean War because it shows that even though both men had different kind of work they had the same conclusion, which was the conditions for the troops was terrible.

Also due to the fact that Fenton’s photographs toured Britain and were seen by many and the fact that Russell’s articles were read by many of the upper class it allowed the findings to travel all over the UK. Source 5 partly agrees with the statement because it also describes the failures that occurred in the Crimea, which shows that Russell wanted to give the British public the true story of the war and allow them to know about the success and failures. Russell himself writes the source, as he was actually present at the battle so this is his own account, because of this it could be said that this source is reliable and gave the British public a realistic portrayal of the Crimea.

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