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Windows Essays


UNIX Versus Windows

Operating systems are the software components of computer systems, which are responsible for the coordination of activities and the sharing of resources of computers.  They serve as hosts for applications that are run on the machines.  One purpose of operating

Operating System Differences

Memory management is a very important consideration when designing, building, and maintaining a network regardless of its size. The memory management system in any network is one of the most important parts of the core system, with its basic function

Operating Systems

In order to upgrade the companies personal computer (PC) workstations to the windows 7 operating system each workstation must meet the following minimum requirements: 1. have at least a 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Processor.

Configure Windows File System Permissions

Overview In this lab, you reviewed a scenario requiring you to design a Windows folder structure, and you implemented your design. Next, you used the Microsoft® Active Directory Users and Computers utility to create security groups that suited the requirements

Operating System

1.) PowerShell is an object-oriented programming language and interactive command line shell for Microsoft Windows. 2.) Windows 7 editions Windows 7, a major release of the Microsoft Windows operating system, was available in six different editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home

Working with Disks and devices

Exercise 2.1 Creating a Basic Disk Partition Overview In Exercise 2.1, you create a new basic partition for Alice where she can store her data. Completion time 10 minutes 7. Based on the information in the Disk Management snap-in, fill out

Administering Windows Server 2008

1. In Exercise 4, you added a boot image to the Windows Deployment Services console. Describe how a computer on the same network as the WDS server can boot using that image. 2. What two basic methods capture an image

Installing Servers

In this exercise, you install Windows Server 2012 R2 on a new computer with no previously installed operating system. Mindset In many cases, organizations purchase servers without operating systems installed—sometimes called bare metal servers—either because they have an existing license

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