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Winning Is the Most Important Thing Essay Sample

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Winning Is the Most Important Thing Essay Sample

1.Because in life there are always winners and losers get used to it! 2.Competition is a good thing because it makes us work harder 3.Winning is important because it shows what can be accomplished, great people get great accolades. Winning is most definitely the most important thing in life. It is important that we learn from an early age that winning is important because all through life we will be faced with situations where there are winners and there are losers. It is crucial to develop a winning attitude and strive to be the best at all times because competition is a good thing and it makes us work harder. Also, winning is important because it shows us what can be accomplished when people set their minds to it, as we all know, great people achieve great accolades. Winning is not necessarily being the best at something, but is being the best that you can be. It is important that every person develops this kind of attitude and strives to win at all times.

In life there are winners and there are losers. It is important that we are exposed to this idea from a young age so we can understand that life is one big competition. There are many different areas in life in which we compete; school, sporting endeavours, academic achievements, family/sibling rivalry, the arts and social activities. Winning is an attitude that must be fostered from a young age because quite simply it is a part of life in the real world. An example of this is a student sitting NCEA examinations at high school. In order to win, a Year 11 student must achieve 80 credits or more during their year at school. This will enable them to move onto Level 2 if they desire or will give them the qualifications they need in order to succeed when they leave school. If a student does not gain 80 credits, then in effect, they lose. They do not reach the standard and therefore have to repeat Level 1 again in order to gain the qualifications they need. This is why winning is important. It is a mindset that will ensure success in all areas of life, from childhood right through to adulthood.

Competition is a good thing because it makes us work harder. If we dont have anything to compare ourselves to, we wont work as hard as we can. This is obvious all the time in everyday life. In order to really succeed and work at the highest possible level we must compete against others and against ourselves. An example of this is team sports. Competing against another team forces the individuals to work hard and beat their opponent. They push themselves further because they dont want to be the one to let up. Winning is the most important thing because it enables us to compete against others and against our own high standards. It forces us to work harder in order to achieve at the highest possible level.

Winning is important because it shows what can be accomplished in life. There are many famous people who have achieved great accolades purely because they refused to give up and lose. They wanted to win and strived to complete their inventions, great literary works, sporting activities, artistic endeavours and community/national/international projects. An example of this is Scott Dixons recent success motorsports. The New Zealander won an international tournament because he worked hard to achieve the goals that he had set. If winning was not important to him he would not have pushed himself as much as he did. This is why winning is the most important thing.

In conclusion, winning is the most important thing because it enables us to measure our achievements. In life there are always winners and losers so a winning attitude must be instilled from a young age. Having winners and losers makes us work harder and really push ourselves and our abilities, without this everyone would be content just to coast along and not really try. Finally, winning is important because it has produced some of the greatest modern and historical figures we know. These people have proved again and again what we as a nation and world are capable of when we have a winning attitude. Every day people are surrounded by competition, are coerced into taking part, are encouraged to compete and win. Without this our world would be very dull and boring because no one would strive to do anything. Therefore, winning most definitely is the most important thing.

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