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Introduction of TOPIC

When you look through a magazine, you can’t help but notice all the beautiful women and men in all the ads. Everything about them is completely flawless and they have that “perfect” body shape. You see a magazine where in some; they are wearing cloths, while others are almost completely naked. These kinds of ads are placed in magazines to get you attention and influence you to buy the product that the ad is promoting.

It seems to me that all advertising depicts women in the same ways, tall, thin, sexy, and flawless. But is this actually true? Do all advertisements really objectify women? Is there a difference between ads placed in women’s magazines and ads in men’s magazines? To answer this question, I have looked in ads placed in Maxim and Cosmo 2012 edition. These two magazines are both marketed to a specific gender. When I look at all of these ads, I notice that there are some ads that stand out to which they belong in a men’s magazine or women’s magazine. If you look yourself, you can see there are many that are hard to place.

In all of the ads, the women are incredibly beautiful. They are flawless and an example of what society says is the “perfect” women. The only thing wrong with these women is that they are not real. Their pictures have been completely edited from airbrushing their faces to changing their bodies. Keep that in mind. All of these women have more than their pretty faces to look at. It is much more than that. It is how they’re posed and what expression is on their face. Just because these models are not posing naked does not mean they are sending a good message about the female body to the readers.

As I was looking at the Band-Aid ad from the Cosmo magazine, I noticed that many people might not find anything wrong with the ad. The

woman is fully clothed, she does not have a seductive look on her face, and she is not posing in any

sexual way. It sounds perfectly fine, right? But in fact, there is something wrong. By having the man holding the woman and by it being a Band-Aid ad, it sends the message to women that they need a man to protect and take care of them. The man holding her symbolizes that he is protecting her. The Band-Aids symbolize that a women needs a man to take care of her always she may get hurt. When there are ads such as this one, one may start to think along these terms as they were influenced by the ad.

The Bebe and Ralph Lauren advertisement found in the Cosmo magazines are very sensual and sexy. The models are wearing clothing that is very tight and fitted to their bodies to show off their figure. The puckered lips, smoky eyes, and wind blowing hair also make the models look very sexual. Advertising companies use this look a lot because it makes the reader think that by wearing their cloths, they will too be sexy. In many clothing ads the models are wearing very short skirts and low cut tops. This sends the message that a woman needs to show skin in order to be sexy and wanted by men,

The ad that insulted me the most was the UNLTD ad from Maxim. The main purpose of the advertisement was to sell the new UNLTD shoe by Marc Ecko. The first thing I noticed was a man getting a lap dance from a woman wearing nothing but some skimpy panties. The man looked completely into the woman and she had a look on her face that was basically saying that she knows she is doing something naughty and likes it. Advertising companies use these shocking features to make the reader pay more attention to their ad, but this is also sending another message to the reader. The message says it is okay for women to be open about their bodies, but most cultures seem to disagree with this message given. Many cultures think the body should be respected. This gives mixed messages to what the media thinks is fine, and what our culture thinks is fine.

When looking at the ads and how women are portrayed in each magazine, it is hard to find any differences between the two of them. In both magazines, women are made into sex objects, submissive to men, and helpless people. As a woman, I feel very portrayed and powerless over this issue, and women are suppose to be strong and powerful people as much as any other person. The society looks at us as sex objects. They know nothing about our intelligence and personality, and quite frankly, I think that is very unfair.

Overall, when it comes to men and women magazines, there is no difference in how women are portrayed. I can only hope that advertising companies can see what their ads are doing into creating the way people look at women and how they are portraying us. I would like for the media to see women for what and who they really are. Not just an object.

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