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Women Win War Essay Sample

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Women Win War Essay Sample

Women have always been seen as inferior sex, mediocre in comparison to men; from the days to Adam and Eve to present time. Even, now, in a modernised generation we still see ourselves faced with the same obstacle of sexism, despite what the law may say.

Equality is defined as: “the quality of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status.” Is this true of women today? Traditionally women were not deemed to be equal to men, only seen as good for responsibilities of children and housekeeping. Men, whilst, spent their time doing the “real work” to provide for the family. Yes, its right to say that much progress has been made towards equality of the sexes, but the preferential treatment of men is still present, an issue yet to be resolved.

It is not so rare to find women in high positions of power, including that of politics. One woman, key for this revolution, known as the “Iron Lady”, is Margaret Thatcher: Britain’s first female prime minister. Even more recently Oprah Winfrey has retaliated against sexism, as well as racism, earning many well earned awards along the path of becoming the world’s first black billionaire. These inspirational women achieved things in a man’s world. Their success demonstrates how women can have the same right of equality and be presented with the same degree of success.

Nevertheless this is not the case for the majority of women in the workplace. The chance of finding a female in a senior position is less than 16%, whilst finding a female PA is more than 60%! This is a term known as the ‘glass ceiling’ for female managers and executives. This is where the advancement of an eligible person within the ladder of an organisation, is put on hold because of a form of prejudice. The core of this problem all comes down to money.

Employers are cynical towards women with the anticipation of career break for maternity leave, and other absences that come attached with the responsibility of having children: sickness, birthday etc. They believe that eventually their profits will suffer, leaving female roles stationary.

Proof of unfairness and inequality comes from the gender wage gap. This gap is the difference in both the wages and earnings between males and females who have equivalent job titles, training experience, education, and professions. In most circumstances, women are paid less than men when all of these factors are alike.

Some turn a blind eye towards this unfairness, and seek an argument of which they argue women are now given favoured treatment. Truth lies in the law, where the mother receives more rights to the child than the father. Yet, it must be said that a child relies more on the mother, for such things as milk, during the first few years of his/her life.

The waging war of the sexes is sure to continue for a major part of the near future, and it seems that it will remain unsolved. Maybe time will change it, maybe not. Who knows what the future holds?

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