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This project provides application through intranet, where employee could improve their health by registered the company-sponsored program via the company’s intranet. This project can help company to decrease the premium costs, increase employees health as well as saving for full-time employees over the next four years.

Project Time Frame:
This work will take six months from the day it’s initiated. There have 7 members in our project team. They are project manager Tony Prince, Programmer/ analyst, Network specialist, Business analysts, Human resources manager, and finance manager. The number of hours that they can be billed per week is 40 hours which mean they work for 8 hours per day and 5 days per week.

1 Initiating
1.1 Develop weighted scoring model
1.2 Develop Business Case
1.3 Create Project Charter

2 Planning
2.1 Develop team contract
2.2 Develop stakeholder analysis
2.3 Develop scope statement
2.3.1 Define product characteristics and requirements
2.3.2 Define product deliverables
2.4 Develop WBS
2.5 Create Gantt chart and Network Diagram
2.6 Create Probability/Impact Matrix

3 Executing
3.1 Develop project Web Site
3.2 Project presentation
3.3 Create milestone reports
3.4 Develop project agenda

4 Controlling
4.1 Create new baseline
4.2 Update project charter and scope statement
4.3 Update contract and scope statement
4.4 Create monthly report
4.5 Update prioritized risk

5 Closing
5.1 Final project presentation
5.2 Prepare lesson-learned report
5.3 Prepare final project report
5.4 Create transition report
5.5 Update project Web Site

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