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They are tech-savvy but spoiled, colloborative but impatient, socially interconnected but self-invloved. They are the Gen Y also known as millenials. “Gen Y respects those who validate them for who they are now, and who they want to be.”- Peter Sheahan, Gen Y expert. As statistics show that 40% of the workforce by 2020 would be Gen Y with the baby boomers retiring, transforming the workplace according to them to get the best out of them is indeed the need of the hour. The main problem with the Gen Y employees is that they want everything ready made that is readily available. Organisations that have failed to identify this change and the needs of the millenials often end up with dissatisfied employees resulting in poor performance, lack of motivation and finally employee separation. Long term Employment as per Gen Y is not in terms of decades but years. Hard truth the organisations have realised is that the average tenure the employees are willing to work is 6 years. Gen Y attitudes towards workplaces

Transformation according to Gen Y caters to autonomy, change and choice They rate employee engagement higher over quality of meeting rooms. Gone are the days when structured and face-to-face meetings took place. Gen Y on the other hand, likes quick, casual and socially-tinged meetings. Their use of technology in interaction further undermines the importance of lengthy meetings and formal spaces. Workplace reflecting a blend of personal and professional lives as well. Millenials prefer the work place to not be super sophisticated. This is the idea of work being an activity not a place. Millenials hate stagnancy at the work place. They would not want to stick to their permanent desks instead want the workplace to be as dynamic as they are. They are motivated by the freedom to move around and shifting places. This is just one of the variables giving them a push to work in a new world of work. Each of the rooms are tailored specific to the company’s function and specification. Clearly there is a shift from ‘me to we ‘ workplace. Too much of bueracracy that is very much still prevalent in many of the organisations doesn’t do any good to the ego of the Gen y employees.

Beauracratic style might have worked and yielded results once upon a time ago. It is high time for the organisations to change their organisational structure to placate the souls of Gen Y. One of the most common issues observed in organisations is the friction between the Gen X and Gen Y which have stark different characteristics. Clashes with respect to the equity in various aspects are inevitable. Creating and balancing the rapport between both the important set of employees for and organisation often becomes a tedious task for the managers. Few organisations have stepped forwad with an idea of “cultural club” to bridge the gap between these contradicting generations. One thing that millenials give importance to in a workplace is a communication. A good scope for flow of communication itself sometimes provide solutions to most of the problems. Unlike the old times where contacting some one from the top management was difficult, Gen X wants the power distance to remain as minimal as possible.

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