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In this essay I am going to be looking at working conditions in the 1820’s to 1996. Also I am going to compare the differences and similarities between the to times. I am going to compare them by looking at the following points: duties and responsibilities, work hours, lunch breaks, holidays, environment, rules and regulations, discipline, wages, effect on workplace on health, levels of safety and finally peoples attitudes to their work. In the 1820’s there was a lot of pressure and a lot of duties and responsibilities on working children. One of the main duties and responsibilities on children was they were scared they might injure them selves by the machines, so they had to look after themselves. They also had a lot of work to hand in very little time. The employers had no concern of the workers so the workers had a poor surrounding to work in which meant they could not get enough work done and would not have any strength to work either.

In 1996 the duties and responsibilities on workers were not that pressurised as they did not have much work to do. The employers are concerned about their workers so they give them a good surrounding to work in and so the workers can work for pleasure as well as earnings. So to conclude the first point made in the first two paragraphs is that the differences between the two paragraphs is that the employers are much more concerned in 1996 meaning the surroundings are much cleaner for the workers can work better. In the 1820’s The work hours were very high as they had a lot of work to do and very little time to do it in. The workers could not refuse to work for less hours as the employer would fire them and also the workers needed the money. In 1996 there is not that much work do so the employers would give an average 8 hours to work a day.

To conclude this point the differences between the 1820’s and 1996 is that there is not that work to do so the employers don’t want the workers to work for that long. In the 1820’s lunch breaks were for a short time as the workers had too much work to do they only had time have their lunch and no extra time for relaxing. In 1996 lunch is an average 1 to 2 hours a day because workers say to the employers we won’t work with out a good amount of break. The differences between the 1820’s and 1996 is that workers cannot relax and have no extra time after eating lunch. In the 1820’s workers would not be able to get a holiday because for starters they would not have enough money and then some employers would not even give them time of work when there is too much work to be done.

Also the workers were kids and so they could not go on holidays without guidance. In 1996 workers get a lot of time of work and also get paid vacations so they don’t have to spend their own money to go on holiday. So in 1996 there are much more advantages and it is a much better life. In the 1820’s the environment around work was very dirty, smelly and polluted as the employers did not get cleaners to clean up because they had no concern for the workers. In 1996 the environment was nice and clean because there are cleaners to clean up and the employers cared for their workers. Workers in the 1820’s were at a disadvantage because with a dirty environment it is hard to work. In the 1820’s there were a lot of rules, regulations and discipline. Workers had to work all day without day any breaks they were not trained that much so they had to discipline themselves by training themselves.

In 1996 employer want at least a few years training before they employ you and they have set rules and regulations. The difference between the 1820’s and 1996 for rules, regulations and discipline are that workers were not trained that much in 1820’s and they are more disciplined in 1996. In the 1820’s wages for the workers were very low. There were fixed wages meaning if a worker worked extra to do more work he would get paid the same amount and of course they could not work less hours. In 1996 workers get paid a high amount and also it depends how long they work. If they work over time they will get more but if they don’t work that day or work for less hours they will get the same average amount for a day. Workers in the 1820’s got paid very less for working a long time and hardly made any profit compared to the workers in 1996.

In the 1820’s lots of people who were working carried diseases and illnesses because of the dirty environment which when spreaded to other people made them un well aswell. It effected the workshop heavily because as workers were ill they could not work as good as they are capable of which meant the work Done work was very less and eventually the company would be fired and the company will be out of business. In 1996 people were not ill and even if they were they would take the day off and stay at home rather than coming to work to spread the illness. The differences between the two dates were that workers could not miss any days off in the 1820’s. In the 1820’s levels of safety was very low because the machines and the tools were sharp and were left out and also they no protections ( e.g. helmets, safety glasses. etc………..) Also when people would get cut by a machine it would not stop automatically you would have to stop it yourself and by the time you do that your whole hand might be cut off. In 1996 there is a lot of safety and equipment for safety if you get cut by a machine it will stop automatically.

The differences are that machines were not as advanced in the 1820’s as they are nowadays and there are more safety equipment in 1996. In the 1820’s people’s attitudes to work was low and showed lack of motivation. They hated it because it was long, hard worked they gained very little profit, they were sick and tired of the environment, wages and safety. They really wanted to complain but they could not. In 1996 people love work because nearly everything is perfect for them. Workers attitude to work in the 1820’s was very bad compared to the workers attitude in 1996 because in 1996 they had everything they need so they have no complaints. To conclude the whole essay I think that working conditions have improved greatly since the 1820’s. Workers nowadays should consider themselves extremely lucky.

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