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Introduction of TOPIC

In our life, we usually have to cope with some big plans that make things difficult for us to decide which working method would bring about more success. Some people are interested in working in a group, while others enjoy working independently as an individual. From my perspective, I steadfastly believe that working in group is much more better than working independently. Firstly, working efficiency is what I put in my priority. It can’t be denied that working in a group enables us to work more effectively. We can exchange ideas with members of the group. As the result, the problem will be approached from many different aspects and different points of views, which makes it much easier to solve. Moreover, sharing the duty is also an important part of working in a group. Because the workload is shared among the group members, it takes shorter time to complete the tasks. For example, I joined a group of four to do an experiment for my Physics class last month. My duty was to oversee all stages of the experiments to make sure nothing would go wrong, while one of my friends took care of recording a video and two other people condu

cted the experiment and explained how to do every step of it. Because we co-operated effectively and

were the first group to complete the task, we got the highest grade in our class:

10. This example is a clear explanation for the saying: “two heads are better than one”. Secondly, working in a group offers a golden chance to improve our knowledge. Learning from friends has been considered one of the best ways to make ourselves better. Other members of the group may have many different ideas which some of them are definitely good for us to learn. If we make some mistakes on the problem, other people can correct them for us and vice versa. As a result, it allows us learn more things from others and encourage us to try more as well. More significantly, we can improve a lot of skills, such as teamwork skills, critical thinking skills, persuasive skills and communication skills. For example, when disagreements occur, we have to employ critical thinking skills to analyze which opinion is the most logical, persuasive skills and communication skills to defend for our own viewpoints, teamwork skills to avoid conflict.

Therefore, working in group undeniably allows us to practice and improve those skills for the future. Finally, we can have our own personal enjoyment in this method of working. A group is made of a lot of people, so we can meet and make friends with other members of the group every time we work together. Working in group, we can share happiness when we succeed, sadness when we fail and definitely create stronger bonds of friendship. We can also talk to them and have so much fun with each other. Besides, our friendship can be improved remarkably. The more we work as a group, the more long-lasting friendships we have. In conclusion, for all the mentions above, I strongly believe that working in a group will bring about a lot of advantages. I hope my analyses are helpful for you to make a wise decision on choosing a right working method.

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