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While working with children it is essential that a practitioner knows their limits and boundaries. Children very easily get attached and especially young infants. Practitioners should keep their work professional and with in the limits, them showing too much care or love which is more then needed can interrupt with their professional life for example if the practitioner keeps playing with a child and picks them up, the next time they will enter the setting the child would want them to give them more attention and would not leave them alone. A practitioner needs to give all children equal time and not to have a favourite one.

Also it can cause problems at their home as well such as they would even want their mother/guardian to pick them up and would not leave them alone. Practitioner should also be aware on how much physical contact they have with the child, there is a limit to it and they should know how to act or play with the child and avoid too much physical contact. Every setting should have a child protection policy which the practitioner should be aware of. They should be aware of how much physical contact they have with the child and also if anyone else is having more then needed physical contact. It is essential to be aware if the child is secure and not getting abused from anywhere.

It is preferable that the practitioner learns about the boundaries and limits before working in a place and to know their rules and regulation, to know what to do and what not to do while working with children. Especially about how much physical contact needed because too much can lead to serious consequences.

Boundaries are a way to maintain guidelines between people about right behaviour and responsibilty. By boundaries being set children learn to be a part of the society, they learn about their environment, how to act and about their responsibility. This helps them to grow up and have a healthy, confident social life. They learn how to act socially. This is one of the reasons why practitioners should teach them good manners as well as being the role model and apply it on their own selves as well.

There are four areas that are particularly important when thinking about your role, boundaries and limits. Health and Safety, Managing children’s behaviour, Child protection and Confidentiality.

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