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Working with Disks and devices Essay Sample

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Working with Disks and devices Essay Sample

Exercise 2.1
Creating a Basic Disk Partition

In Exercise 2.1, you create a new basic partition for Alice where she can store her data. Completion time 10 minutes

7. Based on the information in the Disk Management snap-in, fill out the information in Table 2-1 on your lab worksheet. Table 2-1
Disk information

Disk 0
Disk type (basic or dynamic)
Total disk size
40.00 GB
Number and type of partitions
2 Partitions, NTFS
Amount of unallocated space

Disk 1
Disk type (basic or dynamic)
Total disk size
15.00 GB
Number and type of partitions

Amount of unallocated space
15.00 GB

Exercise 2.2
Extending a Basic Disk Partition

A few days later, you receive another call at the help desk from Alice. She has been diligently moving her data files to the special partition you created for her, but she has now run out of disk space. The partition was not big enough! To address the problem, you decide to extend the Alice1 partition, using some of the unallocated space left on the disk. For this task, you intend to use the Diskpart.exe command line utility. Completion time

15 minutes

1. Consult the Disk Management snap-in, and fill out Table 2-2 with the amount of unallocated space left on the drives in gigabytes and megabytes.

Table 2-2

Disk 0
Disk 1
Unallocated space left (in gigabytes)
Unallocated space left (in megabytes)

Question 1
What is the number of the 2 GB partition you created earlier in this exercise? Partition 2

Question 2
Why does the command not execute properly?

The FAT32 file system does not support that command.

Exercise 2.3
Creating Additional Partitions

Alice is thrilled at the idea of storing her data files in a separate partition, and now she wants you to create more partitions on her drive. However, you used all of the available space to create her Alice1 partition. Therefore, you must shrink the Alice1 partition to create room for the additional partitions that she wants. In this task you will shrink the Alice1 partition and create additional partitions. Completion time

10 minutes

Question 3
How much available shrink space can be found in the volume?

Question 4
How is the resulting volume different from the one you created in Exercise 2.1? Explain why. This volume was formatted as a NTFS file system.

4. Take a screen shot of the Disk Management snap-in that shows the volumes you created by pressing Alt + Prt Scr, and the paste the resulting image into the Lab02_worksheet file in the page provided by pressing Alt + V.

Exercise 2.4
Mounting a Volume

Alice calls the help desk yet again to tell you that she still needs more space on her Alice1 partition, but is unable to expand it. In Exercise 2.4, you provide her with additional space by creating a volume and mounting it in a folder on the Alice1 volume. Completion time

15 minutes

Question 5
Why were you able to extend the Alice2 volume, but not the Alice1 volume?

There was not enough space to expand Alice 1

Question 6
According to Windows Explorer, what is the capacity of the X: drive? 2.65 GB

Question 7
Does the capacity shown for the X: drive in Windows Explorer reflect the addition of the mounted volume?


Question 8
Why doesn’t the Properties sheet display the capacity of the Alice3 volume? Because it is mounted to another drive

Question 9
What is the capacity of Alice3?

Exercise 2.5
Working with Dynamic Disks

Alice currently has five partitions on her basic disk: three primary partitions and one extended partition with two logical drives. She has found it difficult to manage her files with so many partitions, so she wants to consolidate the disk into just three volumes – her original two plus one large data volume – that will be part of a striped volume. Unfortunately, the second hard disk drive for Alice’s computer is back ordered, so you cannot create the stripe drive set yet. In exercise 2.5 you are going to prepare for the upgrade by converting the basic disk to a dynamic disk and consolidating the partitions. Alice has already copied all of her files from the Alice2 and Alice3 volumes to Alice1. Completion time

10 minutes

Question 10
What has happened to the primary partitions and logical drives that you created earlier in this lab?

They have been consolidated

Question 11
After you converted the basic disk to a dynamic disk, how many partitions can be found on the disk?

2, the primary and unallocated

5. Take a screen shot of the Disk Management snap-in that shows the dynamic volumes you created by pressing Alt + Prt Scr, and then paste the resulting image into the Lab02_worksheet file in the page provided by pressing Alt + V.

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