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Tuberculosis (TB) is considered as the world’s deadliest disease and remains as a major public health problem in the Philippines.
It is a highly infectious chronic disease caused by the tubercle bacilli. It was declared as global emergency by the World Health Organization because of its resurgence in many parts of the world in the year 1993.

Today for the very first time, we are celebrating the World Tuberculosis Day here in the Municipality of Alcantara, together with the Launching of Alcantara TB Busters and the Inauguration of the TB DOTS clinic.

* To start this significant event, let us first ask the guidance of our Almighty Father through an inspirational video clip. * Please remain standing for the Philippine National Anthem to be conducted by Mrs. Maritess G. Reyes, Alcantara’s Rural Sanitary Inspector. * Our energetic and fabulous Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Jobin G. Maestro will give his welcome remarks. Let us give him a big hand. * We are pleased to introduce Dr. Ederlina Aguiree, Provincial Health Officer to give her message. Let’s offer her a warm applause. * To break the monotony of this event the RNHeals and Volunteers for the RHU will entertain us with a dance number. * (Thank you nurses for that very entertaining number.) Dr. Cynthia Mayor, Provincial Health Team Leader, will give her message. Let’s give her a big round of applause. * Let us now come to the Launching of the Alcantara TB Busters followed by the Inauguration of the Alcantara TB DOTS clinic. * In every beginning, there’s an ending. Let us hear the closing message of Mrs. Lourdes A. Quinton, Public Health Nurse of Alcantara Rural Health Unit.

This has been your Host, JR, saying, Stop Tuberculosis, DOTS the way! Thank you and God Bless!

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