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World Vision Philippines is a non-profit organization that advocates helping the children, families and communities in the Philippines in overcoming poverty and injustice. I have chosen this company because there were two questions that were running through my mind. First is, “How does a non-profit organization market their company? Second, “What do they exactly sell?” For a non-profit organization who is dependent on funds being donated or generated from activities for a cause, it would be very impractical for them to promote their company using above-the-line advertisements such as print ads and television commercials, the only medium they could take advantage of without having to spend a lot of money is through the optimization of the internet. As I visited their web site which is , I was able to come up with different observations. It is commendable that the website of World Vision can be easily searched and accessed. Upon looking at their site, it is really apparent the World Vision uses variety of online marketing practices.

It features both the technical and creative elements of internet marketing which includes development, design, advertisement and sales. Other critical strategy elements such as the offer, the media used, the targeting vehicle, the creative execution, and the service and support used by the company must also be assessed. As I entered the site, I looked into its appearance. (Refer to Annex B) It looks visually appealing and professional. The colors used which were mostly orange, white and blue were not distracting. Texts can be easily read. The graphics used were capturing too, it contributed a lot in making the home page look simple yet not boring, and the photos used were of high quality which added to increase its visual appearance. Although style is important to know create good impression and to entice visitors to browse longer on a webpage, the content of the website to know if it has substance must also be considered.

The information available must be enough for the visitors to find what they are looking for. Apart from putting substantial information in the website, it is also important to assess whether these information are relevant. The homepage of World Vision summarizes all the features that it has on its web page. Upon visiting the page, you will already see links that will lead you know what their advocacy is all about, how to sponsor a child, what are other ways to give, how to get involved, who is World Vision and who are their partners. Apart from that, news articles, videos, testimonials, and featured events can also be found in their home page. Links for search, site map, FAQs, jobs, log-in, and testimonials are also located at the bottom of their website. A feedback button is available at the side of the webpage and a comment box below which visitors can click to send in their comments and suggestions. (Refer to Annex F) Apart from the feedback button, there’s also a “contact us” button located at the bottom of the website as well.

Icons which will lead the visitors to the account of World Vision in various social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Google + and Twitter are located there too. Their latest Annual Report can also be previewed and downloaded which can also be found in their homepage. (Refer to Annex B and C). The content of World Vision’s Website is very organized which made navigation easy. All the contents which can be found in their website are updated and arranged logically.The videos, the news articles and the events which have been featured added in creating a deeper experience for the visitors. The primary goal of World Vision is to acquire customers who will be willing to sponsor a child, or provide donations which the company can utilize to push through with its activities and advocacy. World Vision uses two internet revenue models which are sponsorship revenue and donations. (Refer to Annex J) Some of the company’s sponsors or major partners include EON, The Ascott, BMI, Unilab, Johnson & Johnson Philippines, Coffee Master’s Inc., Toyota, JP Morgan Chase & Co., PS Bank, Robinsons, Unilever, LBC, and Petron.

It is a fund-raiser business model; it is through their website that World Vision creates campaign for their events and activities such as concert for a cause, relief operations and Noche Buena collection, to help the victims of the calamities that hit our country, give something to the kids of their partner communities on Christmas Day and gather donations for those who are interested to sponsor a child who will be provided with food supply and free education. The website of World Vision has also abided to the four I’s of Internet Marketing which includes interactivity, information driven, immediacy and involving. It was able to make its website interactive because it has provided the customers various options to communicate with them directly, it could be through the “contact us” button, “feedback” button and comment box which can be found in the website. (Refer to Annex E and H). Any feedback coming from a visitor whether in a form of a suggestion or criticism contributes a lot in determining the strengths of the company and the areas which are needed to be improved.

The company could take these feedbacks into considerations to turn the website into a more marketable one. Through these, World Vision can keep track of their visitors who visited and availed what the company offers. Being a website that is information-driven can be an advantage for the company for it will widen their network and potential customers. The comments, suggestions, and questions of the customers could be responded easily. On the other hand, customers also get to involve themselves through the writing testimonials and watching the video streams which are posted on their website and are also connected on their Youtube account. Through their other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, customers can easily post and involve themselves into the organizations. Other potential customers can also be tapped through these. (Refer to Annex I)

In order to generate more donations, one of the very crucial data capturing that World Vision should do is to monitor its customer interactions. This will enable the company to determine the problems and answer the questions of its customers. It will also be a good venue to encourage more customers to support the advocacy of the organization through sponsoring a child, volunteering or giving donations. One of the customer acquisition programs of World Vision is through an event-driven marketing. Every year, it launches its “12-hour Famine” event which is a fund-raising event where participants will gather for a whole-day concert and will not eat for 12-hours. This event is being advertised through their website and through their Facebook and Twitter account which is hosted by various celebrities such as Sam Concepcion, Tippy dos Santos, Dingdong Dantes, Chris Tiu and Nikki Gil, who at the same are World Vision ambassadors. Various interactive channels apart from website are being used such as e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing is used through sending newsletters to those who have signed-up for it. The website of World Vision has also observed levels of permission in Marketing. On the upper part of the header, an arrow which when you click will have a pop-up message that says, “Want to receive good news directly to your email? Sign up to our news letter”. (Refer to Annex A). A double-opt in is what being used by the organization wherein they will ask the customer to sign up as a way of agreeing to receive further communication. (Refer to Annex G). After which, an email will be sent by the company which the customer has to verify to fully complete the subscription to newsletters. Through this, the organization has already started the development of E-mail marketing.

When the customers have already filled up the sign up form, customers’ data are gathered and the company will now have access in gathering their insights. After these, the company can then suggest proactive actions and evaluate the response of their customers to come up with new marketing strategies. After assessing the appearance, the content, the consistency, the value, the usability and the effectiveness of the World Vision’s website, it can be concluded that the company is able to optimize the use of Internet in marketing their organization. This only proves how helpful internet is in a success of an organization. Without having to spend so much on marketing and advertisement, a company can still establish its brand and its presence in the market with high returns on investments.

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