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If you know how to make your enemy keep their mouth shut would you do it? How would you do it? Europe appeased Adolf Hitler when he said he wanted part of Czechoslovakia. People ask me would I choose appeasement or collective security. I would personally go with appeasement. My reason is because, if his enemy keeps asking you and will not stop, you can temporarily make them be quiet about it. When using collective security you have to make a treaty with the enemy. Some people think that making a pact with the enemy is good because then you don’t have to worry about them fighting you. I object this opinion because; you can just keep giving them what they want. You can do that because they know you can get more.

Before World War II there was the Great Depression. This caused Britain and France to lose a great deal of money that left them way far in debt. Hitler was planning on keeping them in debt. During World War II Russia and Germany accrued much debt. Adolf Hitler would do anything to get his hands on more territory and so he used this to his advantage to control them. So as I said earlier I am in favor of appeasement. Collective security in my opinion isn’t good; the great depression could have been avoided. If it were my choice I would just given them what they wanted once, when they asked. By using appeasement it would indicate that you have a more superior country.

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