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As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. Parents are always the closest people in our lives. Ironically, because of this, we always take everything for granted from them instead of treating those things as blessings. I can never forget that time, what I have done to my father. It was a wintry morning. The sky was still dark when I woke up at 6:30. And the first thing I did after waking up was shouting to my dad : “Why you woke me up so late today ?! I am going to be late for school. And why my uniform is still wet ?! “ My father seemed so shock at that moment and couldn’t utter any words, my “accusation” was feared by him. But soon he recovered, and said :” I am so sorry, my dear. I just worked until too late last night and forgot to put the laundries in the washing machine. And I was too tired to wake up promptly when the alarm rang. Actually It’s not late yet, you can…” “No ! It is too late already ! Now I have no time to have breakfast ! ” I stopped my father from going on. And after that, I just cleaned up hastily and put my school coat on, then rushed out and slammed the door. I ran all my way to school. However, on the way, when I had calmed down, I felt so guilty and remorseful to my dad.

How can I burst out such words to him, and even didn’t eat the breakfast that he had prepared? I felt so sorry for my rudeness, my disrespect. The frigid winds was slapping my face, and my tears blurred my eyes. Finally I wasn’t late. And I traipsed to my seat, which was against the windows. When I looked through the windows, the sight ahead of me stopped me in my tracks. I saw my father, walking towards home, wearing only slippers and an overcoat on the pyjamas, in such a wintry day. My eyes welled up with tears again, it was obvious that he had followed me all the way to school, just as usual. That night when I came home, dinner had been prepared. My dad brought out the bowls and chopsticks to the dinning room, and asked me wash my hands and have dinner. Everything was as usual, none of us mentioned what had happened that morning. But in the deep of my heart, I felt grateful to this loving man. Thank you, my dear father. You have given me all the things that I need on my journey.They are not big houses, not money, not cars, either. But your priceless love.

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